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Interstuhl's AirPad Chair

Cool Office Furniture - Sharp and Bold.

StrongProject is honored to be an exclusive modern office furniture resource selected to carry Interstuhl’s AirPad chairs in Los Angeles. Not only is this chair a marvel of modern office furniture design, but it is also showcased in the newest James Bond film, Skyfall. Interstuhl was chosen as the modern office chair supplier for the James Bond flick because of the progressive, eye-catching presence of their AirPad modern office chair. AirPad, with its functional design and modern aesthetics, embodies M’s reputation as the head of M1: powerful, sharp, bold, and always one step ahead of the game.

Body Float Technology.

AirPad synthesizes lightness, comfort, and high transparency through its Body Float technology and mesh back. As a result, sitting in the AirPad modern office chair allows the user to feel as though they are floating lightly in space. The AirPad’s lightness also keeps the body at an ideal temperature, preventing the heat build-up associated with heavier materials.

Refresh Your Workspace.

AirPad’s signature membrane ensures excellent freedom of movement and provides support through fine, flexible architecture. Taking a seat in AirPad means gently falling back into an automatically adjusted, ideally balanced sitting position. You feel one with the chair and the office environment, and get down to work, instantly reinvigorated. The AirPad is a versatile chair family that can accommodate the Executive Seating, Task Seating, Conference Seating and Guest Seating needs across an entire organization.

View more information in our Interstuhl AirPad Brochure.

AirPad PDF

Infuse your workday with the lightness of incomparable design and movie-caliber style.

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Interstuhl's Volume 8 Chair

About Interstuhl: Interstuhl is one of the largest and premier office chair manufacturers in the world. Interstuhl guarantees high quality, solid, precision German craftsmanship and technology at its best.

At the office, you need an agile, ergonomic chair that not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but one that supports you day after day through all of the different tasks you perform. The Interstuhl – Volume 8 chair is that perfect office chair. The ideal balance of form and function, this chair gives you the creativity and efficiency of an office swivel and roller, and the ergonomic support you need to keep you at your sharpest all day long. In challenging the conventional wisdom of the office chair, the Interstuhl – Volume 8 boasts a deep, firm seat cushion. This feature gives it a comfortable, home-furniture feel while still maintaining the functionality of a 21st century office chair. The Interstuhl – Volume 8 comes in a variety of colors to match your office décor needs. Especially well suited for the conference room or collaborative workspace, its sleek, modern armrest design promotes the openness you need for employees to come together.


Interstuhl Volume 8

Its design also promotes great posture and comfort, which can make all the difference in employee productivity, happiness, or even overall retention. Office chairs are the silent partners employees work with each day, and Interstuhl has created that perfect partner with this chair.

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Recycled Office Furniture

Collaborative Workspaces

Inspire your employees to think outside of the cubicle, by actually getting them outside of the cubicle and into “touchdown” or collaborative workspaces.

Breakout spaces, huddle rooms, media spaces, and focused workspaces are all work areas that encourage collaboration. They invite your employees to feel like they’re more than just an individual chair, desk, office, or computer. They allow the group dream to begin!

Breakout Spaces

Employees open up and come together when they feel comfortable and relaxed. Just like some of your most comfy spots at home, breakout spaces in the office are the places where dynamic energy is harnessed and the collaborative process takes root.

Huddle Rooms

Huddle rooms are a great alternative to the traditional conference room. More centered and focused than breakout spaces, many of our clients enjoy how employees can come together around a single project and channel their efforts. Huddle rooms are especially good spaces for last minute brainstorming collaborations.

Collaborative Space 2

Media Spaces

When your employees need to create, modify or share electronic content, media spaces are their office destinations. StrongProject hosts a variety of media spaces that offer modifiable configurations to suit whatever the job demands.

Focused Workspace

StrongProject offers a number of lounge style, high-backed, focused workspaces. These ensconced settings bring the team closer together for critical discussions. Perfect for open offices, our focused workspace options allow employees to truly collaborate, innovate, and feel like they're part of the team.

Whatever collaborative space you’re looking to create in your office, explore all of the designs and configurations available through StrongProject. Next time your employees need the right space, they’ll know just where to look.

Collaborative space 3

View more in our galleries, or incorporate your own collaborative workspaces with our Design Your Office tool!


Acoustic Office Furniture

Acoustic Furniture 1

Acoustic office furniture can create islands of intimate social space and privacy within your open-plan office—perfect for holding focused meetings. While it may appear strange or provocative when you first encounter it in a work space, acoustic furniture is the latest trend to sweep through contemporary office design and layout. Due to the recent aesthetic of renovating old studios and warehouses into sleek, modern start-ups and corporate overhauls, the need for privacy and quiet in a large space has increased. Acoustic furniture addresses the problem by providing flexible solutions for any building layout. Blending soundproofing design with eco-friendly materials, these new designs are perfect for employees to have impromptu meetings, take phone calls in a busy room, or even just "step away from it all" instead of designing a typical break room.

Let's take a look at 3 new acoustic options for your office:

Acoustic Furniture 2

1) The "Cocoon

A colorful, compact "hood" mounted on the wall may be the last thing you expect to walk by in a traditional office. But this is the wave of the future. By mounting it on a wall or installing in a corner, it creates a quieter and more private space instantly. To use the cocoon, simply step into the space closely and get comfortable. You can take a phone call in a standing position, or simply take a step back from your desk and retreat into one of these to block out overwhelming sounds or office foot traffic. This clever add-on reduces the need for break room space, too, for those businesses who lack the square footage for a large employee break room.

Acoustic furniture 2


2) The "Skin"

Have you ever been to a movie or in a group conference space where you could still hear everything outside? Ringing phones, employees joking and laughing, delivery men conversing right outside the door, mail carts rolling through the hallway...get rid of that noise for good with new "wall" art! Made of sliced felt in different sizes and colors, these wall "skins" insulate any room from sound and you can even pin various things to them. They're attractive and their simple design can complement most office interior designs.

Acoustic Furniture 4


3) The "Wings"

These gorgeous, draping designs reinvent the modern office. You can even do away with the traditional cubicle or collaborative work space, and create this "quiet library" aesthetic instead for each employee. Wings are designed to partition a large space acoustically as well as optically, providing more privacy on both levels.  This new modularity is simply sleek and elegant, for those businesses who are looking for a different acoustic option. Need a little light? Attached to the ceiling at a 90-degree angle, these wings can also create an indirect light source, cutting down on computer screen glare and adjusting early morning or late evening brightness to accommodate comfort in the working hours. It's also available in different colors for each office palette! 

Acoustic Furniture 5

Bring the volume down a notch for your team’s next collaborative session, get the focus you need to have that one-on-one, or just find a private spot to call a client—whatever your needs, we have an assortment of unique acoustic furniture designs available. From sound absorbing furniture and panels to complete office soundproofing, see how we can bring any space—no matter how open—down to size.