Lab Chairs, Clean Room and ESD Chairs
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Introducing a Quick-Ship Lab, Cleanroom and ESD chair option that doesn’t force you to choose between style and performance. Simple, fresh, and clean modern design with an intuitive Flex Function that lets the Lab Chair adapt to each individual user with no adjustment necessary. Applications: Research Labs, Clinical Labs, General Hospital, Cleanroom, ESD, Teaching Labs, Exam Rooms. This is a Lab Stool capable of evolving with these spaces and its performance excels in demanding Medical Technology and Manufacturing environments.

  • Anti-Bacterial Upholstery: Leatherette and PU-foam  options with significant anti-germ properties
  • Cleanroom Suitable: For use in Category-3 cleanrooms, in accordance with ISO 14644-1 (FS209E Class 1)
  • ESD Compatible: Meets ESD STM12.1-1997
  • Easy-Cleaning: Minimal joint hygienic design for easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Disinfectant and Chemical Resistant: Resistant to standard disinfectants and chemicals per ISO 2813
  • Biotech Suitable: Adheres to laboratory level BSL1, BSL2 and BSL3 of the Directive for Biological Agents
  • TUV-Certified: For optimal levels of safety
  • Robust Polyamide Backrest: Extra durable polyamide backrest holds up to demanding Med-Tech environments

Simple. Performance - The best adjustments are the ones you don’t need to make. Innovation sometimes means less is more. This lab and clean room chair’s revolutionary Flex Function technology is at the heart of this advancement in comfort and support. It allows the chair to adapt to user movements while leaning backwards or turning to either side, providing optimal support in any seating position. In addition, the Flex Function on the forward edge of the seat supports forward-angle seating – precisely the type of posture typical in Lab, Cleanroom, ESD, Hospital and Exam Room environments.

  • Flex Function - The Flex Function seat and back adapt and auto-adjust to individual user movements
  • Forward Edge - The flexing forward edge also accommodates forward leaning working positions, preventing pressure while ensuring proper blood circulation
  • One-Touch Height Adjustment - The only user-made adjustment necessary
  • Extra-Thick Upholstery - Adds comfort, providing a stable yet supple seat
  • Easy Mobility - The light construction and intuitive back handle allows the chair to move with ease

Make it Fresh - Keep it Clean

One guiding principle in the design of this lab and clean room seating was to make the most of the fewest parts possible. The result is a chair without a confusing array of knobs and levers, but instead a clean, minimalist look. And now you can add a touch of personality with your choice of optional vibrant colors. We believe the seating in Lab, Cleanroom, ESD and Hospital spaces should complement the progressive, exciting workspaces they inhabit. This innovative lab seating brings fresh, clean design to modern technical spaces.

A design that adapts to each individual user. A design that incorporates vibrant color into the workplace while blending in seamlessly. And a design built to withstand the rigorous demands and standards of its environment. This is a fresh take on what to expect from Lab seating.

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