Modern Cubicles - Curved Workstations

For a truly unique, futuristic looking office space, explore our modern Curved Workstations and ask us to help you test-fit them to your open office footprint. Curved workstations can be “space hogs', but we have adapted this design to have a linear zig-zag center spine to optimize on your commercial real estate investment and accommodate a higher number of your staff per square foot. The post height as shown is 49'H but this can be customized to your preferred height. From a design perspective, there are numerous laminate and thermofoil worksurface finish options in modern woodgrains as well as white and other solids. The lower tile segments come in numerous laminate finishes such as solid white, gloss white marker board, modern woodgrains, anodized or powdercoated metal, as well as resins such as 3form and Lumicor. The upper segments are normally customized with either frosted or colored acrylics as well as resins such as 3form and Lumicor. This contemporary workstation system features a technology spine that accommodates data drops and includes an integrated 4-circuit/8-wire electrical system with power pole capability if needed. Incorporating this cool modern office furniture design to your open office areas will transform your workplace from standard to futuristic and will impart the image of a forward thinking, innovative brand.

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Modern Cubicles - Curved Workstations

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