Modern Office Workstations and Contemporary Benching Systems

The beauty of this modern workstation design extends beyond its clean lines and aesthetic appeal, but is also rooted in its design flexibility. The foundation of this open plan furniture design is that of a modern benching system and it can be purely configured that way. For those companies seeking to give their staff a bit more privacy and acoustics than a pure benching system provides while maintaining an “open feel', this system is customizable with side dividers, frontal acoustic felt dividers and acrylic up-mounts. All heights of side dividers and frontal dividers are customizable. 

  • Multiple finishes, sizes and configurations are available.
  • Add this design to your Quote Request and we’ll provide a budget estimate and work with you on a test-fit layout for your space.

This stylish modular office furniture system will give you the flexibility to create a work environment that fosters creativity and well-being amongst your employees and can be customized from a design perspective to meld with your building interior and brand…all at a moderate price point.

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Modern Office Workstations and Contemporary Benching Systems

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