Executive Office Chairs

The Interstuhl AirPad executive chair synthesizes lightness, comfort, and high transparency through its Body Float technology and membrane back. As a result, sitting in the AirPad modern office chair allows the user to feel as though they are floating lightly in space. Exclusively German engineered and designed to the highest quality, the AirPad's lightness also keeps the body at an ideal temperature, preventing the heat build-up associated with heavier materials. AirPad's signature membrane ensures excellent freedom of movement and provides support through fine, flexible architecture. Taking a seat in AirPad means gently falling back into an automatically adjusted, ideally balanced sitting position. In addition, the luxurious Airpad was chosen as the modern office chair supplier for the James Bond blockbuster, Skyfall because of the progressive, eye-catching presence. AirPad, with its functional design and modern aesthetics, embodies M's reputation as the head of M1: powerful, sharp, bold, and always one step ahead of the game.

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