Cubicle Privacy Screens

Our Cubicle Privacy Screens can help minimize the spread of germs and keep employees healthy.

Our wide assortment of freestanding cubicle privacy screens come in various sizes and configurations allowing us to help you customize the perfect Social Distancing solution to work optimally with your existing workstations.

  • Easy Cleaning – We use cleanable non-porous materials such as laminates, clear and frosted acrylics, and white marker board with anodized aluminum frames.
  • Flexibility – Easily movable for reconfiguring and multi-use.
  • Numerous Sizes – Ranging from 24”W – 96”W and 48”H – 78”H.
  • Numerous Screen Configurations – Stationary or Mobile, Stand Alone or Connected, Create Linear Screen runs or Retractable “Accordion-Style” runs that can be angled and fold together.

Our Project Consultants are here to assist you in configuring and sizing our Cubicle Privacy Screens to best fit the various areas of your space. In fact, if you will provide us with a CAD file or other layout of your workstations and send some pictures of the various areas, we will help you customize the perfect Social Distancing solution to work optimally with your existing workstations.

Just submit a Quote Request or call us at 888-871-5777 and a ask to be connected with a Project Consultant to schedule a brief intro discussion to get a sense of your furniture requirements and design vision with the goal of getting back to you with a Preliminary Furniture Plan & Budget quickly.

We specialize in outfitting entire commercial office spaces with modern business furniture. At your disposal is our expert team of Project Consultants to help make your furniture planning and purchasing experience easy and within your budget.

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Ask us for a free Preliminary Budget Estimate to furnish your whole space and realize Bulk Discounts through project based pricing. Monthly financing on your Furniture Package is also available!
We’re excited to show how easy it is to transform your office into an active, adaptable workspace. Our design experts are standing by to provide you with a free space plan that demonstrates how our modern furniture designs can help you overcome your business challenges.
All our customers are assigned a dedicated Project Consultant to provide personalized service throughout the planning process at no charge. The Modern Furniture Designs that you see on our website come in numerous finishes, sizes and configurations. Your Project Consultant will work with you to incorporate the proper sizes within your furniture plan as well as help you navigate and select the best design options that work optimally with your space, design vision, lead time requirement and budget.
Instead of trying to coordinate multiple furniture deliveries & installations through numerous vendors, we can be your single source for planning and purchasing your modern workplace furnishings all the way through coordinating a single delivery and installation.

Our clients include

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Glenn Kalison

"In the end, sleek and efficient designs created greater functionality conducive to a cutting-edge educational environment. The sleek, modern, value furniture solutions that StrongProject recommended for Relativity School resulted in an aesthetic that was far richer than the price tag itself—all of which added to the brand and helped tell the school’s unique story.""

Dierdre Bronchick

StrongProject had everything that we wanted. Investment companies are now thinking outside of the box and we didn’t want to do the standard banker’s office. I came to them with a list of requirements from the client, and StrongProject was able to source it, and stay on budget.

Yvonne Tung

“I’ve worked with a lot of different vendors in different cities. StrongProject is very different, because the first thing they do is not recommend furniture to us but to understand what kind of business we’re in and what kind of office we’re going to have...when I work with StrongProject, I feel the professionalism they provide, I feel the passion from their staff, and I feel their products are incomparable. I am so happy about this experience.”

Grant Kirkwood

If the overall team dynamics and goals aren’t considered during the planning phase, it can go horribly wrong.StrongProject engaged with the people on our team throughout, making sure we accomplished our goals. StrongProject has been with us throughout the entire process.

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