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Modern Commercial Office Furniture for Today’s Businesses Learn How We Work

Office Phone Booths & Acoustic Furniture

Shop our best in class Office Phone Booths, Sound Panels, Office Privacy Booths, Meeting Pods and Sound Absorbing Furniture for today’s Modern Workplace with the most design options available anywhere.

Acoustic office furniture can create islands of intimate social space and privacy within your open-plan office, perfect for holding focused meetings. Bring the volume down a notch for your team's next collaborative session, get the focus you need to have that one-on-one, or just find a private spot to call a client. Whatever your needs, we have an assortment of unique acoustic furniture designs available, including some cutting-edge Office Phone Booths, Meeting Pods and Privacy Booths. From sound absorbing furniture and sound absorbing panels for walls to levels of office soundproofing, see how we can bring any space, no matter how open, down to size.