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3 Reasons to Create a Green Office

Green initiatives in the office have become commonplace for many companies. What was once a trend is now a standard operating procedure (and frequently a requirement) for many organizations around the world.

recycled-cols-2c78fe88d770f54f04975ea975363d6dIs your office going “green” this year, but you aren’t sure where to start making changes and adjustments? While many companies begin this process by switching old light bulbs for more energy-efficient models, others start using water more sparingly, and some companies even change the air filtration systems.

While these changes will make improvements—have you ever considered trying something different? You can make green improvements to your office by adding eco-friendly modern furniture choices to your existing space, or you can completely outfit your workplace with refurbished or recycled workstations.

If your office is going green due to new regulations…

If you’re looking for a way to make a positive environmental impact…

Or if you’re considering a new office redesign project on a budget…

Consider adding green modern office furniture into your workspace this year. To get you thinking about the possibilities for your project, we’ve outlined 5 great benefits of using our green office furniture options readily available to you.


Benefit #1: Refurbished furniture is smartly designed for sustainability.

When you hear “refurbished furniture,” you might think your options are going to be limited, outdated, or far from eco-friendly. But such is not the case with StrongProject’s green furniture.

Our recycled workspaces are designed to not only seamlessly blend into your office space, but we’ve also built them with recaptured and recycled materials. We reclaim frames, storage, electric wiring—and we repaint and restore the furniture to its original quality. We replace old fabric with 65% Post Industrial Recycled Polyester and 35% Post Consumer Recycled Polyester. We also exchange surfaces with new, recycled materials as well.

Green furniture improves your office air, too. We take pride in using mostly organic materials free from harmful chemicals, adhesives, glues, and finishes. Using this furniture helps reduce logging and protects endangered and rare trees from being cut down for their wood. Buying recycled furniture saves energy, electricity, and fuel that’s required in the furniture manufacturing and shipment processes. Green office furniture can also be built to withstand many more years of use than traditional furniture. Typically, recycled furniture has only had 10 or less years of use, so there’s lots of time for you to enjoy these workstations, too!

With our green workstations, your team will not only enjoy a more modern everyday work environment, but they’ll also rest assured knowing they’re reducing the company’s carbon footprint (and their own!) and they’re part of a sustainable workplace.


Benefit #2: Going green is affordable.

Going green doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, our green office furniture typically saves you up to half of what it would cost to outfit your office with new furniture!

During the restoration and refurbishment process, we work with materials that are sustainable and cost-friendly, too. As we explained above, our recycled fiber fabrics and laminated work surfaces have been designed with you in mind: they’re less expensive to manufacture, use, and purchase. It’s a win-win for everyone involved in the office design process.


Benefit #3: Recycled furniture helps you become an industry trailblazer.

If your office isn’t required to go green, but you feel a deep responsibility to protect and improve the environment—recycled office furniture is one way to embody and personify those great values. Going green, even when you aren’t required to do so, is also a great way to become a leading and highly respected organization in your industry.

Becoming a trailblazer in green office design may also create opportunities for your company to win eco-friendly remodeling and design awards and certifications. Your clients and colleagues will recognize—and remember—your company’s true colors.

If your office wants to go “green” this year, or you’re looking for a way to outfit your office space stylishly and affordably, consider adding our refurbished or recycled workstations into your next office design project.

 Check out our entire collection of refurbished and recycled office furniture here. You can choose your configuration, color scheme, and even create your own wishlist for future projects.

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