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Acoustic Furniture Is Cutting Through the Noise

acoustic meeting space

Updated July 2022

One stroll through NeoCon 2022 and it is clear to see that acoustic furniture is in. The return to work for employees has left them craving the peace and quiet of their home offices and the furniture world has responded. And acoustic furniture products with technology integration for the hybrid office are being developed at a breakneck pace. They’ve evolved in their aesthetic, while boosting appeal to the masses in Silicon Valley and beyond.

acoustic furniture in a hybrid office

When acoustic furniture first emerged, we saw bold colors: cherry red, vibrant purple, lime green, and sunshine yellow fabrics covering every surface. The angles were also rounder, taller and oversized, giving the impression of a fun, young, space-age room.

Since its mass debut several years ago, acoustic furniture has grown up. All the manufacturer’s collections, while still fun and innovative, recently presented acoustic furniture lines that feature a warmer, somewhat residential feel. New players rising to the top of to the acoustic game are privacy pods. These come in fully enclosed stationary versions as well as the more open mobile meeting pods shown below.

acoustic furniture privacy pods

Acoustic Furniture in the Hybrid Office

The designers of StrongProject’s acoustic lounge seating, for example, created it to form smaller spaces within an environment. For individuals, this acoustic seating design creates a place for people to escape, think, and breathe. For groups, it creates a place for staff or visitors to closely collaborate and connect. The comfort and visual softness allow these “rooms”  to blend seamlessly into the office, while still providing the closeness and privacy people need to really focus.

What we’re seeing now is the ability of acoustic furniture to create a welcoming environment as we transition to a hybrid work model in many industries. Each detail of a good acoustic design works together to create a pocket of people to gather or spend time alone, from its rounded corners to the precise thickness of the sound-dampening felt.

Our acoustic furniture series are available in different configurations. For example, we have options for tables, lights, screen mounts, metal or wooden legs, and many fabrics. Standard features like integrated power, a tablet arm, and privacy screens make it easy to get work done. Material options to match brand aesthetic include veneer or fabric back options, and non-woven PET or acrylic privacy screens.

Highly adaptable and versatile, acoustic furniture can be configured to support individual work. And including touchdown, and collaborative spaces, along with conference areas can enhance the hybrid office environment.

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