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Acoustic Furniture: More Privacy, Less Noise

modern-office-furniture_09Open offices layouts are highly effective: They provide ample space for teamwork, group projects, and brainstorming. But these types of office spaces aren’t for everyone. Many employees find themselves overwhelmed and distracted by all of the noise, commotion, and constant activity that open spaces encourage. They don’t provide the privacy and quiet space that some employees may need to accomplish their best work.

For an innovative, simple way to create private, individual workspaces, intimate meeting spots, and areas for your employees to unwind or take a break in quiet—acoustic furniture is the perfect solution. No matter how quiet you need to make a space, or how unique your privacy needs are, our StrongProject Acoustic Furniture Collection can suit. Here are some acoustic and sound absorbing furniture options you can use in your own office space to bring the volume down, turn up the productivity, and make every employee happy in his or her own choice of workspace.

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are easy to fit in any existing office space. For sleek, elegant solutions to break up your open office layout, our acoustic “wings” and wall “skins” are reinventing the way we think about modern office layouts.

With acoustic panels, you don’t have to completely redesign your office to receive all of the incredible soundproofing and privacy that acoustic furniture has to offer. For communal and team workspaces, brainstorming areas, and more—acoustic panels allow activity and privacy in the same space. You don’t have to send your employees who need privacy to a secluded area or corner to get their work done. You don’t have to With these creative solutions, both individuals and teams can work productively in harmony.

Sound Absorbing Cocoons

Sound absorbing cocoons are the latest and most groundbreaking acoustic furniture offerings that offices around the world have adopted. These one-of-a-kind furniture offerings allow employees to step into their very own private spaces within a busy, crowded office.

Make a phone call, take a quick break, or block out unwanted sound when you need it. Sound absorbing cocoons are the simplest way to create designated quiet spaces if your office lacks the space and layout needed for entire “quiet rooms” or break areas.

Soundproof Levels

Have you ever thought of creating an entire floor of soundproof space for your team? Some of the world’s most innovative offices are taking acoustic design to the next level—literally—and completely soundproofing entire floors of their offices. These levels are specifically designated as “quiet zones” for employees who thrive in noiseless, private spaces.

If you’re looking to improve the productivity, creativity, and focus of your employees, while giving them several different options that cater to their unique workday needs, consider adding an entire soundproof level of space to your office. Whether you’re looking to create a designated work zone, a soundproof break area, a brainstorming floor, or a level specifically for meetings and interviews, our soundproofing solutions are the perfect way to create quiet, intimate, and stylish workspaces for your team.

Ready to add soundproof areas and acoustic furniture to your workspace? Let’s create your dream office space together.

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