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How Resimercial Design Can Foster Creativity

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What is Resimercial Design?

Resimercial design, a combination of residential and commercial, focuses on finding ways to bring aspects of home into the workplace. Because work is an integral part of our lives, the belief is the more physically comfortable we are at the office, the freer we will be with our thoughts, thus experiencing higher levels of creativity.

Research shows we are just inherently more creative when we’re at home—one study even reported 72% of respondents have had some sort of new insight while in the shower. Incorporating resimercial design could mean adding things to your office such as sliding glass doors, textured area rugs, ambient lighting fixtures, couches, and inviting paintings.

Below, we describe the qualities we get from being at home that affect our bodies and spark creativity, as well as a few ways to get the same creative juices flowing into your office.

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One important factor that’s needed to be creative is dopamine. It’s a feel-good chemical that is released from our brain when we’re doing something that makes us feel satisfied. 

To induce these feelings in employees, consider adding a small gym area for employees to use, or start holding weekly yoga or meditation sessions. There are even foods that help your body make dopamine that you should keep well-stocked in the breakroom. These include bananas, almonds, and avocados. 

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> Hello Group has its own lounge area for employees to retreat to throughout the day.

Is a Distraction Free Office the Best Design?

The second factor that boosts creativity, distraction, seems counterintuitive. A distraction provides employees with the break they need and eliminates the fixation on an idea that may be ineffective. Letting your mind wander can actually bring about better, more well-thought-out ideas. 

Make sure employees at your organization know that they are welcome to take short breaks throughout the day. No one should feel obligated to sit from 9-5 staring at the same screen in a distraction free office. Another way to promote movement in your office is to create collaborative spaces around your office for employees to migrate to when they need a change of scenery. 

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The third factor to boost creativity is a relaxed state of mind. Research has shown that moments of creativity take place when our mind is at rest rather than when we’re actively working on something. 

When it comes to relaxation at the office, there are several things you can add to ease tension. Nap pods—which can help the wellness of your employees in more way than one—or massage rooms could be potential ideas to help workers relax. Outfitting your breakroom with soothing teas or adding more biophilia around the workplace can help employees feel at ease. Incorporating zen gardens in the office is another simple yet effective way to create a calming environment.

To spark creativity and innovation, it might be time to think about resimercial design. Adding even a few domestic creature comforts will promote relaxation and encourage small distractions. Influencing the release of dopamine in your contemporary office.

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