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The Office Is More Like Home Sweet Home

If your biggest complaint about work is that it doesn’t feel enough like home, there’s never been a better time to head to the office. More than ever, the workplace has the versatility to adapt to a cozier and comfier place for you to login and logon.

The ability to gather and collaborate is easily accomplished with an overstuffed couch. Relaxing and plush enough for a crowd, and also suitable for a solo stretch, modular sofas have a familiar feel that function in the office.

working from the office feels like home

>> Don’t forget about comfort when designing your office space.

Rather than seating employees at rows of identically sterile-looking desks with matching plain-Jane chairs, employers are creatively curating sophisticated shared desks and collaborative conference tables with warm and unique finishes. A pop of color on the wall is a surprisingly upscale way to put your filing organization to good use. Put a monitor in between you, some sleek and ergonomically designed chairs for added comfort, and it’s almost like being at home.

working from the office feels like home

>> Make your employees feel like family with specific design elements.

Colleagues facing each other, a cup of coffee in hand, and a laptop between them is the equivalent of sharing family supper at the table. Enter the workplace community table. With light wood, spacious tabletops, and the option to sit on chairs or benches, it’s a space conducive to team building and productive conversation.

working from the office feels like home

>> Your office breakroom doesn’t have to look like an office breakroom.

The office used to be an uninviting space where we produced, rather than created. Not open for self-expression, the colors, textures, and surfaces were cold and unwelcoming. The more it becomes like home, the more comfortable we become, and the more we express and collaborate.

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