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Touchdown Spaces: Why Your Office Still Needs Them

touchdown space with collaborative modular lounge seating

Updated April 2024.

Design office environments to fulfill the diverse tasks and responsibilities of your team. Some employees need a calm place to focus away from their desks and enter touchdown spaces. Others produce better in a collaborative workplace. Some team members may prefer to work in an employee lounge, while others still enjoy the privacy of a workstation or modern cubicle.

As new technologies and innovative office designs are giving coworkers the freedom to work wherever it suits them best, assigned spaces remain unused. TableAir talks about creative ways to repurpose that unused space in a recent article. Embrace a results-driven, dynamic workforce that breaks free from the confines of a desk for 50-plus hours a week. In response, traditional offices are giving way to Activity Based Working (ABW) models, such as touchdown spaces.

Activity-Based Working Perks

A touchdown space is typically a laptop-centric, informal setting such as a private concentration room, lounge, presentation room, or collaborative area. They use modular workstations with fast Internet access for specific assignments that are shared between coworkers and management. Employees can use a touchdown space to quickly respond to an email, call, or text message and then move to other areas to complete projects.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), for example, recently implemented the ABW model in its Sydney office. Their touchdown space now has beautiful lounge furniture—where coworkers can get work done, chat with their colleagues, or relax while enjoying a latte—as well as collaborative workspaces where private meetings can be conducted.

CBA CFO David Craig highlights that the bank anticipates significant real estate savings from a flexible layout. A design that accommodates multiple tasks without the need to constantly move hardware. However, it is important to maintain a balance between flexibility and the provision of dedicated spaces for focused work to ensure overall productivity and employee satisfaction.

Turn Your Office Into a Productivity Powerhouse With Touchdown Spaces

At the heart of activity-based working is the question: “How can I help my coworkers perform at their best?” If your team members believe that working in an open space with lounge sofas will enhance their speed and productivity, then go ahead and create one. Prioritize their preferences to foster an optimal work environment.

To optimize touchdown spaces, consider flexible technology solutions. Then equip them with wireless charging stations, docking stations, and adjustable monitors. Additionally, invest in ergonomic furniture and accessories to promote comfort and reduce strain or injury.

Enhance privacy and convenience for your coworkers by incorporating acoustic office furniture as touchdown spaces. Provide dedicated areas for private calls and moments of solitude, ensuring peace and quiet without disrupting others.

Finally, while collaboration is crucial, it is equally important to provide privacy for individuals to concentrate on their work. Incorporate touchdown spaces with acoustic office furniture to balance collaboration and focused work. You can create private spaces with ergonomic task chairs and adjustable work desks.

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