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The Modern Cubicle to the Modular Workstation

modern cubicles

The workplace is continuously evolving. From new business models to new technologies, for centuries we’ve seen major changes in how we work. Although the future of work has become the past, and as we move forward with new concepts, we can learn from the past. The outdated and bland workspaces that have become synonymous with traditional office work, are on their way out. As a result, the grey, boring cubicles are being phased out with the adoption of the modern cubicle and the modular workspace. But what exactly has the transition from bulky cubicles to modular workstations taught us?

Modern cubicles have become the hallmark of workstation clusters. The pods and groups of desks have been transformed into modular, multifunctional workstations. The modern cubicle has become an innovative, space-saving, and stylish way to maintain privacy yet, leave the option for customization adaptability. But how has the evolution from bland to modern, changed the way we work?

The Modern Cubicle

To understand the changes the modern cubicle has brought, you need to understand what it is. The traditional cubicle and the environment that they create have been proven to reduce productivity, prevent socialization, and use more space than necessary.  An article by the American Psychological Association talks about the psychology of cubicles and why they aren’t the most effective.

Traditional high-paneled cubicles create an isolated feeling for employees. Because of this, the closed-off false sense of privacy created by cubicles can lead to a lack of communication and connection. However, this is the traditional cubicle we’ve come to know. But does the modern cubicle make that much of a difference?

In office design, it usually comes down to two basic ideas – the open office or the cubicle. While each might benefit employees to some extent, they each have their own pitfalls. The modern cubicle is the perfect marriage of the two. The level of privacy needed for focused work is provided without isolation.

Our modern cubicles are customizable. From transparent partitions to semi-transparent to opaque and are available in varying heights to meet your specific needs. Light passes through these partitions and creates a sense of community. The workstations provide employees with a distraction-free area for focused work without seemingly closing them off from the outside world.

Modular Workstations

When you think of modular furniture, you might think about nesting storage solutions or couches that can be arranged in different configurations. The concept and elements of design can be applied to many different consumer goods, but the modular workstation has changed office design and how we work.

Modular workstations not only create an enjoyable work experience for employees, but they also have many benefits for office design. These workstations allow you to create a highly customizable, adaptable, cost-effective, and space-saving design.

Modular workstations are the perfect solutions for companies that are constantly evolving, have limited space, or need a unique design tailored to their needs. Traditional cubicles’ bulky aesthetic and large footprint take up a lot of space with almost zero opportunity for design variations.

Our modular workstations have a sleek, curved design that saves space and creates a modern aesthetic. The curved design creates a nesting effect for our modern workstations. This nesting effect saves space by grouping workstations together without wasting valuable space. Our modern designs aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, they’re a modern solution that many companies encounter when designing their office – practicality and functionality.

Modern Workstations and Customization

Every office is unique in its own way. The differences might be the size of the office, the scope of work, or the employees. Specific spaces should have specific furniture.

The customizable elements of modular workstations are one of the most attractive aspects of modern cubicles. In a time when ergonomics, employee well-being, and employee satisfaction are so important, customization is becoming a must. Some of our modular workstations allow for collaboration, promote healthy work styles, and help limit distractions and psychological stressors.

An article by the Association for Psychological Science talks about the benefits of a personalized workspace. Basically, employees who personalize their workspace are more effective. Because of this, creating a unique experience and environment through office design might just have the same results. Personalized and custom spaces give employees a space they want to work in.

The customizable aspects of Strong Project’s modern workstations provide extended worksurfaces for collaboration, adjustable partitions, and adjustable height desks to promote a more active working experience. As a result, a customizable office equips your employees with the tools they need to succeed in an effective and efficient workspace.

How to Design Your Custom Workspace

Designing an office can be a daunting task. Trying to figure out what you need and how to translate that into the office can make it hard to find a starting point – especially if you have limited knowledge of what’s on the market. Singular workstations or universal furniture might seem like your only option, but that’s far from the case.

Customizable office furniture fits your brand, needs, and your aesthetic. Our Design Your Office Tool can help you throughout the entire process. From choosing your space, to your layout, and finishes, our tool can help you picture our sleek, modern pieces in your office. We can also work with you to create a custom layout and office design to fit your brand image. Designing your office starts with identifying your wants and needs and we can help you throughout the process. Designing a custom workspace shouldn’t be a difficult process.

Moving from Traditional to Modern

A modern office sends a message to employees, visitors, and other companies. You can show you’re invested in your employees, your brand, and your work with a contemporary design. As a result, offices have evolved beyond a place to complete a job. They have become an experience. Designated collaborative spaces, wellness areas, and recreational spaces are being tailored to the people and culture. So, why should that customization stop at the modern cubicle?


Ready to learn how you can transform the cubicle into a modular workspace? Find out how we can revamp your traditional office!

To learn more about designing a workplace to fit your needs, check out our comprehensive guide to the hybrid workplace.

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