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Modular Workstations Make Sense For Your Growing Business

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Updated March 2023

Growing your business in our hybrid reality means nimbly addressing a variety of employee and client needs you may not have considered before the pandemic: flex spaces, enhanced breakrooms, more collaboration spaces, and a larger focus on employee wellbeing. Thankfully, getting creative with commercial office furniture solutions for workplace design adaptability has never been easier to implement, thanks in large part to office modular furniture.

Our modular commercial furniture allows you to take certain components, such as desks and filing systems, and combine them to form a variety of workstation layouts.

Creating the Right Employee Atmosphere Comes Down to the Right Furniture

When designing your office space, where should you start first? We suggest looking at what matters most—the employee atmosphere.

If your team is uncomfortable, work and productivity suffer. Put the time and money into a healthy modern office system that works for you and them and you’ll see how the benefits positively affect the bottom line. While there are many ways to create a healthier modern office system, one of the most effective is by making modular workstation design work for you.

With that said, let’s talk all things modular! That is, let’s run through what modular furniture is from a more granular perspective as well as some of its key benefits for teams like yours.

What are Modular Workstations for Business?

modular workstation with adjustable height desks and movable storage solutions for employees

You know that your office space, and by extension, your commercial office furniture, can have an impact on things like employee satisfaction and employee productivity. And you may have heard that modular workstations are the right furniture for the job. But what exactly is a modular workstation? Simply put, it’s a workstation made up of furniture that has been designed with movability and reconfigurability in mind.

With that in mind, it’s time to think about easy-to-adjust modular office furniture.

What Are the Benefits of Modular Workstations for Business?

There are many types of modular workstations. But at their core, all encompass modular furniture items such as modular desks and filing systems, that can be combined in various ways to form a plethora of different workstation layouts. There are several unique benefits to choosing modular furniture, whether that looks like modular desk furniture or modular couches and other movable pieces. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • This flexibility allows you to adjust to the changing number of people in the office.
  • Modular workstations work well for desk hoteling or hotdesking if your organization has adapted these in the hybrid office.
  • Modular office furniture often is more cost-effective than other types of furniture. Especially given that it can do double duty and be repurposed as your business needs change and your organization grows.
  • More often than not, modular furniture takes on a modern form with contemporary design elements to complement its cutting-edge functionality. This gives the space a sleek appeal.

What to Look for in Modular Furniture

Flexibility in Design

Look for a modular office workstation system that can be configured and re-configured into numerous pod layouts. This accommodates activity-based working while maintaining a seamless aesthetic throughout the space.

When outfitting your workstations, don’t forget individual needs. Ergonomic accessories, such as monitor arms and keyboard trays, adapt to various body shapes and sizes for maximum comfort and productivity in your modular office workstations.

Types of Workstations


Curved workstations break the traditional “square-cube” stereotype and add a brilliantly fresh look and feel to any modern office. Not only do they make sense for a bustling, busy office by reducing sharp corners and providing closer body-to-keyboard comfort, but they also offer more enclosed privacy when arranged the right way. 

hybrid modular workstations and adjustable height desks with lounge seating and employee phonebooths with natural lighting


Research shows that sitting at a desk for long periods of time can lead to health problems, yet a surprising number of commercial workplaces still reserve their sit-to-stand desks for executives or offer them on a case-by-case basis to employees who request them.

This layout offers the mobility employees need to stay sharp and energized. Just make sure their workstation is configured correctly for healthy best practices.

Managerial Collaborative Modular Workstations

flexible modular office furniture with ergonomic task chairs and employee booths for collaboration and focused work

Strengthen communication between managerial staff or ease the transition of new employees with a managerial collaborative workstation. This layout is a good fit for two colleagues who need to collaborate regularly on reports or projects. And won’t require hovering in cubicles or pinging notifications at each other on Slack.

Encourage innovation among employees by providing the space they need to explore and solve creative problems.

This can also be a useful layout when you want to quickly align new employees to the company culture. This can easily be accomplished by establishing hybrid zones. Assign them a workstation with a mentor, senior employee, or a fellow new hire so they can hit the ground running with a partner.


movable and mobile office desk with biophilics and ergonomic task chairs in a hybrid office

A minimalist workstation is the perfect for hybrid employees. Especially, those who spend a reduced amount of time at the office. When combined with personal storage cabinets or locked filing systems for interchangeable spaces, workers can come and go with ease. It also maximizes the line of sight across the office, which helps smaller commercial workspaces appear larger.

Use minimalist workstations in your design layout to increase communication, but remain aware of noise issues that may hinder productivity. Install buffers such as acoustic dividers and barriers when necessary.

Extended Work Surface Workstations

curved adjustable height cubicle with transparent adjustable partitions and ergonomic office chairs

Studies show that a messy desk fosters creativity. Encourage innovation among employees by providing the space they need to explore and solve creative problems. An extended work surface is also helpful for impromptu meetings. They reduce the need to book a conference room or seek out first-come, first-serve collaborative spaces.

In Conclusion:

The debate about whether the hybrid office is here to stay continues to linger. However, the advantages of modular workstations are indisputable. With a variety of options and uses, any growing business can thrive and benefit when its employees come together and share space, which is something that modular furniture can most certainly provide a prime opportunity to do. 

Interested in seeing how you could take your workspace to the next level with modular workstations and commercial office furniture? We help companies just like yours plan, design, purchase, and install game-changing furniture and workstations. Get in touch today to see how we can help you grow your business capabilities with strategic modern office design.

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