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Your Office, Your Brand: Crafting a Workspace That Tells Your Story

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Your company’s brand is a direct reflection of your organization’s values, missions, and image. Companies find many ways to portray their image, but there’s one opportunity that many companies are missing. The office is the embodiment of a company. Because of this, the environment and atmosphere you provide employees with set the tone for what both visitors and employees expect from the company.

In addition to this, color schemes and furniture pieces are a great way to reflect the brand throughout your office, so much more goes into the culture and brand. From the reception area to custom cubicles, to wellness areas, carrying a consistent brand image throughout the office is important, and it isn’t that difficult to do.

In the same way that a company’s logo sets the tone for the brand and culture, the office aesthetic should do the same.

Furthermore, all companies are unique in their own way. Whether it’s the scope of work, how well employees are cared for, or what social responsibilities a company takes on, there’s a story to tell. Every aspect of a company becomes part of that story. It’s easy to tell that story through office design.

Storytelling Through Office Design

Your reception area welcomes every person who comes through your office door. As a result, it’s the first taste of what people should expect. The reception area is the perfect opportunity for workspace branding. Bright colors and modern furniture convey the message that your company cares about its appearance, employees, and everyone who steps through the front door.

When designing an office to tell a story, the aesthetics should match your brand from start to finish.

The story your office tells is the perfect chance to relay social missions, expectations, and the environment. This concept has been executed time and time again by tech giants with sprawling, cutting-edge campuses. The office and campus designs make you feel like you’re stepping into the company itself. These campuses tell the story of what it’s like to work there and even more importantly, what the company values most. Although these enormous campuses are usually designed by industry giants, that doesn’t mean that this approach to office design storytelling can’t be replicated by companies of all sizes and brands.

Specifically, one of the greatest ways to practice workspace branding is the office design. The environment where employees work has an enormous effect on productivity, efficiency, and morale. There’s no better way to convey the company image than through the people who live and breathe the brand, and that starts with the furniture selection.

Custom Furniture Solutions for Brand Storytelling

One of the emerging trends that we’ve seen – especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic – is the hybrid office. Companies have started shifting gears and have started catering to employee wants and needs. Employee satisfaction sets the tone for the culture and the brand, and one of the easiest ways to meet employee needs is to give them the tools they want.

As a result of recent changes, the widely adopted hybrid model has taught us that an office should become an experience rather than just a place to work. The office has become an extension of the company and its employees. It’s this work experience companies create that reflects the culture and the brand. Brand storytelling is important at all levels but the foundation of the company – the employees and work environment – is one of the best ways to tell a story.

Whether it’s the design or color, furniture should make a statement.

While no office is a one-size-fits-all. Each office is unique to the brand image. Furthermore, StrongProject recognizes the value of brand-centric custom pieces. Are you a more relaxed company? Shared lounge seating can reflect that. Are you a bright, modern company? The sleek, curved design of our pieces can easily translate that. The brand-centric furniture possibilities and solutions Strong Project offers can take your brand and reflect that in our custom office furniture.

Here are just a few of our custom furniture solutions that can reflect your brand:

Every piece of furniture you incorporate into your office is an opportunity. The colors, the materials, and the design give your company the chance to share with others who your organization is.

From minimalist designs to luxurious executive office desks, we can give you opportunities to share who you and your company is.

The Importance of Consistency in Branding and Design

In contrast, your reception area shouldn’t be a façade that your company hides behind. A cohesive office design is just as important as a cohesive brand image. A consistent design leads to brand recognition. Consequently, the most unique office designs become part of the brand. Those tech giants and their enormous campuses have created a unique experience that easily makes you wonder “What must it be like to work there?” The office design and the way the brand is portrayed have become synonymous with these companies – even to those on the outside. This is brand recognition.

Every company has different goals, different values, and different missions, but all companies have a brand.

The majority of companies don’t have the capacity or ability to create these campuses, but a well-designed office can easily reflect the brand throughout. Creating a feel and a visually pleasing experience can show visitors who you are as a company. When designing an office to tell a story, the aesthetics should match your brand from start to finish.

Entrepreneur featured an article about the importance of consistent branding. A consistent branding strategy creates trust, predictability, and positivity surrounding your brand. Using your office as an opportunity to expand that consistency is a great opportunity to build that trust in your company and brand.

The Impact Design has on Culture

Moreover, the office has a great impact on employees. Elements of the culture and working environment greatly affect how employees work. Intentional spaces set the expectation. This is demonstrated in designated social areas, wellness areas, and focused workspaces. What you project to the outside should reflect how you operate on the inside.

But office design doesn’t only tell the story of your brand. It also tells the story of your culture. The Receptionist featured an article about how to improve your company culture through office design. The article showcases a few simple ways you can improve company culture:

Both the design and company culture should be a product of the brand. A well-crafted branded workspace has elements of the culture, aesthetics, and brand throughout.

How Office Aesthetics Can Communicate Company Culture

The company culture embodies its values, missions, and social responsibility. Office design greatly impacts culture and influences how employees act and work. Aesthetics have a direct impact on how employees perceive themselves, their company, and their leadership.

For example, here are a few ways to reflect company culture throughout the office:

  • Designated recreational social areas
  • Technology integration
  • Layout
  • Employee wellness areas
  • Colors

In the same way that a company’s logo sets the tone for the brand and culture, the office aesthetic should do the same. Creative and collaborative companies might choose to design a more flexible workspace. On the other hand, a more rigid and professional environment might include structured workspaces. The aesthetics and the feel of the office are a continuation of the brand, the culture, and the employees.

Furniture has become so much more than just functionality. The traditional industrial furniture we have become used to no longer reflects who we are. Whether it’s the design or color, furniture should make a statement. The office isn’t just a place for employees to work. It has become an extension of brand and culture.

Does Your Office Reflect Your Company?

Because your office and working environment create a standard for the company. Therefore, the image and consistency you convey throughout your office design impact experiences and impressions. Every company has different goals, different values, and different missions, but all companies have a brand. That brand should be showcased throughout the entire operation, and that includes the office.

There are many things to consider when designing an office to fit your brand. This means there are also a lot of opportunities. From the furniture to the layout to the art on the walls, your brand should be clear. Next time someone walks into your office will they be able to recognize your brand?


Tell your brand’s story through your office space. Reach out for expert advice on crafting a workspace that embodies your brand. Contact StrongProject today!

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