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Movable Office Furniture – Stay Mobile in the Office

movable office furniture with employee phone booths and mobile partitions in a modern office

During the day, employees move throughout the office. They work in open spaces with others when they need to collaborate, the work behind their desk, and they connect with others in recreational and wellness areas. Employees aren’t stationary and their furniture shouldn’t be either. Movable office furniture creates a dynamic office.

We have come to associate the word mobile with on-the-go. Smartphones, laptops, or anything you can take with you, but in the office, being mobile doesn’t mean the same thing. In the office, being mobile means being movable and being able to adapt to different work settings depending on the scope of work and employee needs. But how does movable furniture help you create an adaptive space?

Movable vs. Mobile

Movable and mobile furniture are used to create an easily reconfigurable space. Our complete mobile office in a box gives you the ability to do just that. Our modern workstations can easily be configured as stand-alone workstations or used together to create a row or pod of desks. The StrongProject mobile workstation is also a solution for creating a temporary workstation. Our complete mobile office in a box also folds away and nests with others to tuck away when not in use. This is also the perfect solution for the hybrid office and meeting employee needs.

How to Create an Adaptive Space

Creating an adaptive office space is highly achievable with movable furniture, offering significant benefits and seamless implementation. Adaptive offices help employees move about the office while allowing them to move and take their needs with them. Think of a flexible space. Flexible spaces let employees work in many different ways within one space, but even flexible fall short of a truly adaptive space.

While flex spaces provide employees with pieces like acoustic phone booths, collaborative lounge seating, and occasional tables, these pieces are often fixed. Truly adaptive spaces allow employees to easily move furniture to create more desirable spaces. Movable furniture helps employees rearrange their office based on their needs or just a change of scenery and setting. But how does movable furniture affect how employees work?

How does Movable Furniture help Office Layout?

Businesses strive to create a nurturing and better overall work experience. TrackingTime talks about the impact an environment has on employees. Employees that enjoy their work setting are more productive, and efficient, and have increased job satisfaction. A LinkedIn article shares the reasons behind why employees are impacted by their surroundings. Making the work experience easier for employees can be done through integrating technology into the office and providing them with the tools they need to work efficiently. However, the office layout plays a larger part in employee success than we might realize.

We often think of an office layout as static but it doesn’t have to be. Having the ability to move furniture around lets employees change the office layout as needed. However, the workforce and business evolve and change and the office should do the same. Movable furniture lets you adapt and create a workplace that truly reflects employees and their work.

Movable Furniture Solutions

Movable furniture goes beyond office task chairs. More and more we are starting to see movable workstations, modular seating, and mobile partitions that can help transform a space. StrongProject’s modern furniture solutions make it easy for you to design and redesign your office. Here are a few important office furniture pieces that are essential to creating a movable office design:

1. Modular Workstations

Our modular workstations can fit in any office space. Also, our curved cubicles with a nesting, space-saving design are the perfect solution for everyday workplaces. Obviously, the modular characteristics make this option great for a changing environment. As your company and workforce grow, these workstations are easily movable. This makes adding additional units an easy task.

2. Collaborative Seating

Whether it’s a one-on-one meeting or an impromptu brainstorming session, collaborative spaces are necessary in many industries. Some companies are heavily reliant on effective collaboration. This means that employees need more than just a meeting area. An efficient and effective collaborative setting has comfortable seating and amenities that help employees work uninterrupted and free of distractions.

StrongProject’s modular seating gives employees the ability to arrange the seating to suit their needs. Modular seating lets employees accommodate additional workers or position themselves away from others for a more focused and intentional space. Movable lounge seating expands possibilities and opens employees up to new configurations unique to them and their needs.

3. Storage Solutions

The traditional and cumbersome filing cabinets have come a long way. Even though the introduction of the Internet of Things and other technologies have reduced the need for physical storage, there is still a need for storage space. StrongProject’s mobile storage solutions let employees move what they need around the office without having to walk to one location or filing cabinet. Along with our wall-mounted storage cabinets, we also offer storage that can easily roll under your modular workstations or modern desks. We also offer storage solutions that double as a worksurface that can move around the office.

Should You Design an Adaptive Office?

An adaptive office doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s as easy as including mobile acoustic partitions and tables to create unique spaces. Also, it can be a redesign that changes the entire office. However, being adaptive is necessary to keep up with change. However, redesigning your office often to keep up with the business can be expensive and time-consuming.

Building an office with movable and mobile furniture solutions creates a dynamic space that can help employees adapt seamlessly sometimes within a matter of minutes. In the long run, adaptive spaces help save costs, improve job satisfaction, and help you keep up with the changing times.

Want to build an adaptive office with movable furniture? Then find out how StrongProject can help!

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