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NeoCon 2023: What Employees Need

Modern office layout

NeoCon gives industry leaders the opportunity to share emerging trends. This year we saw the overarching theme of meeting employee needs. Privacy? Aesthetics? Modular furniture? NeoCon 2023 showcased it. A look into NeoCon 2023 exhibitors and design concepts can be found here. NeoCon gives us a look into the industry. The event shows the future of office design.

NeoCon 2023 allowed the industry to set the standards of modern design. This event showcased technology, flooring, and new design concepts. Even though NeoCon 2023 might have passed, there’s a lot that we can draw from the event. Our office furniture is aligned with industry trends. The look, feel, and use of what our modern office furniture has to offer is exactly what companies want for their employees. Here are the themes from the show, and furniture solutions from our collection that can help you meet the needs or your team.

Privacy Pods

Privacy phone booths

Our acoustic furniture and phone booths are the perfect solution for any space.

Privacy pods have been on the market for a while. Across the industry, we’ve seen many solutions to provide employees with the privacy they need. It’s clear from NeoCon 2023, exhibitors still find privacy to be a focus in the industry. Privacy pods come in the form of office phone booths to pods that can accommodate several employees. NeoCon 2023 has showcased this trend and the many ways we can satisfy employee needs.

Employees should be able to access quiet, private areas when needed. At times lack of space often poses an issue. In an open floor plan, employees can find it hard to escape the noise distractions. Employees could benefit from privacy pods. Other times employees need a private area they can gather.

Our product line extends far beyond personal pods. We include acoustic furniture, enclosed meeting booths, and modern cubicles that are changing office layouts. There is no one-size-fits-all office layout solution, but there is a solution for all situations.


Modern office design

Our modern office furniture designs improve any workspace.

Aesthetics are constantly evolving, and as a result, it can be challenging to come across bland, grey cubicles in modern office designs. Instead, these outdated designs have given way to vibrant colors, sleek curves, and contemporary design concepts incorporated into all aspects of office furniture. The modern office is a harmonious fusion of functionality and style, where form follows function. At the NeoCon 2023 exhibition, exhibitors demonstrated their keen ability to strike a delicate balance between style and practicality. The industry has unequivocally voiced its preference, and in anticipation of NeoCon 2023, our collections have embraced the designs that industry leaders strive to deliver.

There is no one-size-fits-all office layout solution, but there is a solution for all situations.

Biophilics were a focus during NeoCon 2023. Forbes talks about why we should bring the outside in. This concept creates a relaxing and calm office. Biophilics goes beyond bringing plants and water features indoors. Biophilics use natural color schemes in office designs. Greens and blues bring the natural world into the office. We include biophilic concepts in our collections and provide employees with the benefit of the natural world.

Our modern office design spans all of our collections. Modern concepts are included in everything from our breakroom furniture to chairs that reflect modern art.

Flex Space Solutions

Flex space furniture

The hybrid collection can help maximize the use of any space.

The way we use space is always changing. Offices need shared spaces, collaborative spaces, and private areas. Bulky, and hard-to-move furniture restricts employees and what they can do with a space. Functionality was a predominant part of exhibits at NeoCon 2023.

Trends are always changing in how we use office space. Partitions, modular furniture, and mobile storage let employees easily change the space they work in. At times offices need a change, and depending on the scope of the work, an easy-to-move office design is a must. Our products reflect emerging industry trends. Our hybrid collection doesn’t sacrifice the visual appeal for functionality. Exhibitors at NeoCon 2023 showed that maximizing functionality is a focus.

Our modern office furniture is functional and provides employees with what they need, and the modern appeal is not lost. The two aspects are not mutually exclusive. Because of this, we maintain the appeal, aesthetics, and comfort of our office furniture while realizing the importance of functionality.

Our hybrid collection does just that. It maximizes functionality. So why not have lounge seating that can be turned into a collaborative space? Why not use cubicles that easily be moved to accommodate more workers? The trend of making the most of functionality is here to say. The more ways you can use office furniture, the more value it provides.

What did we learn from NeoCon 2023?

NeoCon 2023 showed us that the trends in modern office design are always changing. It showcased the industry standard and how we go above and beyond what is needed. Our pieces and collections are tailored to company needs. Our collections and furniture solutions reflect the current trends and help mold the future of modern office design.

The value of this show to the industry cannot be overstated. It serves as a platform where exhibitors unveil cutting-edge technologies, while responding to the expressed needs of consumers. It’s a prime opportunity for companies to showcase their offerings and demonstrate their commitment to innovation. NeoCon 2023 plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the industry, allowing companies to present their latest advancements and demonstrate what they bring to the table.

The office and the way we work will always change. NeoCon gave us insight into an industry that at times can be hard to gauge. It gives us the chance to learn and mold our collections. It proves we have followed these trends long before NeoCon 2023.

See something you like? StrongProject can take your spark of office inspiration and make it a reality.


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