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Bring Your Team Together with Collaborative Workspace Furniture

collaborative workspace furniture

Unless you are a business of one, your company needs teamwork to survive. And whether your organization sinks or swims depends on the quality of these daily interactions. In groups, your team accomplishes more, and becomes more inspired, generates new energy while brainstorming new innovative ideas. Creating areas within your office space where your employees can collaborate easily can help facilitate these sessions.

Not sure how to incorporate these creative, relaxing environments into your office? Here are a few of our favorite uses for collaborative workspace furniture in every office.

What is the Purpose of the Collaboration Space?

Thinking about changing the layout of your office? You may want to start by spending a moment on this question. There are many ways in which teams gather; company-wide or department-wide meetings, training or presentations, team meetings, smaller group brainstorming sessions, and one-on-one huddles. Each type of space needed should include collaborative office furniture that will match the purpose of the gathering. Consider form and function when designing your layout. Create spaces that employees will seek out to work in and increase the chance of not only planned but spontaneous collaboration.

Collaborative Workspace Furniture for Training

collaborative office furniture

When your goal is to bring a large group together to share or present crucial information, or learn something new consider creating a training room. A conference room can function as a training room. However, a room specifically designed for training can help eliminate distractions and increase the productivity of the session. With lack of career development opportunities being a primary driver of employee turnover, a designated training room makes it clear that development is a priority for your organization.

The workplace is changing and evolving at a faster pace than ever before.

The workplace is changing and evolving at a faster pace than ever before. To keep up with the latest trends and innovations, continuing education is key. When it comes to learning, nothing can truly beat a classroom setting. There doesn’t have to be anything stuffy or institutional about your training rooms. Stylish easy to clean furniture will create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. With the right training room facilities, you ensure that employees receive updated ongoing education and that new employees get extensive and complete onboarding.

Flexible, Adaptable Team Meeting Furniture

This modern nesting table can be moved within any space to accommodate socially distanced team meetings of any size. They are height adjustable and allow for standing, sitting, titling, and even in-the-moment brainstorming with an optional built-in whiteboard feature. The tables are designed to be moved into any position easily and then stored away until the next meeting.

This table design is unique and individually sized which allows for quick room reconfiguration from training rows to small break-out sessions. The surface material can be easily sanitized and stored conveniently to make your space available for other business functions when meetings aren’t taking place. Different meeting types call for different layouts and your collaborative workplace furniture should match these ever-changing needs.

Collaborative Workspace Furniture for Small Group Sessions

collaborative furniture

A business is at its best when team members come together to tackle big projects and tough problems. Integrate functional, flexible huddle furniture. Create areas within your open office space for the gathering of great minds when conference rooms are full. These huddle areas come with optional technology adaptions to ensure your team members can bring all their tools to the table. Additionally, ergonomic sit-stand areas are available and adapt as your team moves throughout the office.

By adding collaborative office furniture that’s creative, flexible, and multifunctional, you’ll encourage your employees to think outside of the cubicle.

Sometimes you just need to step away from your desk and change scenery. Collaborative workspace furniture can help create an alternative workspace for the solo worker as well in need of a change of scenery. These spaces create the perfect place for small groups to discuss big ideas away from the larger group and then return to work out details at their desk. With acoustic elements included, like sound-absorbing dividers and acoustic felt, employees can find quiet space in the middle of the busy office to accomplish big things.

One-on-One Collaborative Office Furniture

collaborative workspace furniture

When two heads are better than one, your team members can meet up to collaborate in comfort and peace. These one-on-one areas create a focused workspace that provides a break from the noise. Limit the distractions and noise of open spaces to create the ideal environment for discussions, planning, and idea generation. Your employees can find just the right balance between focus and social interaction, with acoustic furniture incorporated into open office spaces.

By adding collaborative office furniture that’s creative, flexible, and multifunctional, you’ll encourage your employees to think outside of the cubicle. Provide multiple spaces that fit the function of the collaboration and, inspire your team to come together to accomplish big things. Whether they need to host an impromptu meeting, a quick team brainstorm or they just want to gather during a break—these spaces fit perfectly in every office. After an extended period of separation, it’s time to create a little more togetherness and inspired teamwork.

For more inspiration for incorporating collaborative workspace furniture into your office, check out our Collaborative Furniture collection on StrongProject.

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