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Product Spotlight: Interstuhl – Volume 8 Chair

Interstuhl Volume 8 Chair: Featured

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At the office, you need an agile, ergonomic chair that not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but one that supports you day after day through all of the different tasks you perform.

The Interstuhl – Volume 8 chair is that perfect office chair. The ideal balance of form and function, this chair gives you the creativity and efficiency of an office swivel and roller, and the ergonomic support you need to keep you at your sharpest all day long.

In challenging the conventional wisdom of the office chair, the Interstuhl – Volume 8 boasts a deep, firm seat cushion. This feature gives it a comfortable, home-furniture feel while still maintaining the functionality of a 21st century office chair.

The Interstuhl – Volume 8 comes in a variety of colors to match your office décor needs. Especially well suited for the conference room or collaborative workspace, its sleek, modern armrest design promotes the openness you need for employees to come together.

Interstuhl Volume 8

Its design also promotes great posture and comfort, which can make all the difference in employee productivity, happiness, or even overall retention. Office chairs are the silent partners employees work with each day, and Interstuhl has created that perfect partner with this chair.


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