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Five Office Design Trends We’re Excited to See in 2018

While some may feel that office design is going a little too over the top with unnecessary bells and whistles, the fact is we exist during a time of remarkable technological and manufacturing advancements for office furniture and accessories. These innovations help us rethink and disrupt traditional concepts around work and replace our images of what the office should look like: for example, the uncomfortably tight cubicle farm or the stodgy firm with heavy, ornate wood furniture. The offices of tomorrow can be minimally defined or luxuriously appointed, neutral or colorful, handcrafted or polished.

The focus now is on our ability to improve the space for everyone, to recognize the individual’s value in the work place. The theme for 2018 office design is “vitality:” taking the office space beyond being a place we simply tolerate to becoming a place where we feel re-energized and full of possibility. Here are five trends to look forward to in the next year.


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