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The Impact of Bringing The Outdoors Into The Workplace

Bring the outdoors into your workplace with tips from StrongProject at Inc.

Most employees spend an average of eight hours per day day indoors. But over the years, modern offices and buildings have decreased the number of natural elements inside. Natural light, ventilation and fresh air, vegetation, views and other assets of the natural world with which we have an innate connection have been replaced by an artificial environment. So it’s no surprise that your company’s workforce may start to wither inside a stale or sterilized office space. The symptoms can include a lack of creativity, productivity, energy and general mood balance. According to Harvard University myrmecologist and conservationist Edward O. Wilson, human beings are hardwired to connect with nature and other living organisms. By introducing biophilic design into your office layout (or at least a plant or two), you can can vastly improve the psychological, emotional and physical well-being of your entire staff.

Before your CFO and COO freak out, keep in mind that you to redesign your office space with biophilic concepts, you don’t necessarily need a complete design overhaul. Often times simple, inexpensive design solutions have the power to transform your office environment significantly.


How to bring biophilic design elements into your office

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