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Hot Fall Colors for Modern Offices


As summer comes to a close, fall color predictions hit the cover of every style magazine. This year, we will see a barrage of items hit the stores in 2013’s hottest shades. Clothes and accessories, however, aren’t your only items that might benefit from an autumn update.

A stylish, functional new office design can encourage productivity, impress clients, and improve your overall workplace atmosphere. Kick off this fall with a modern makeover featuring the year’s trendiest hues.


Greens and Blues

Multiple shades of green and greenish-blue topped the lists this year. Emerald green is the predicted hottest color of the season, while lichen(between Army and khaki) and Mykonos blue (named after the water color near the Greek island) rank highly as well.

Greens and blues are also known to promote feelings of calmness and contentment, which is why doctors’ offices so often sport these shades.



It’s no surprise that red appears on Fall 2013’s list of hot colors, as it has received the same honor several years in a row. This season’s red is called samba, which is a bold, fiery shade of crimson.

When designing a modern office, keep in mind that—when using bold hues such as red—a little goes a long way!

Pops of Color

Greens, blues, and reds can all be overwhelming furniture colors when applied too liberally—but they create beautiful, chic looks when utilized properly. One of the trendiest and classiest modern office design methods is to use these kinds of shades as accent colors against a basic black or clean white base.


Pure white office furniture, accented with redand / or aqua décor pieces and components (cushions, table legs, glass table top, etc.), gives your workplace a fresh and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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