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Modern Office Rhetoric: What Your Conference Room Says About You

Modern conference room furniture speaks volumes about your company—from how you go about your daily business and how you view your employees, to what your company values and the kind of expertise others can expect.

We’ve broken the components of contemporary conference spaces into two categories— collaborative conference areas and the traditional conference room—each offering their own brand of elegance and atmosphere. Which is true for your company?

Collaborative Conference Areas

Enter the collaborative conference area. This is the environment created by companies who are anything but ordinary.

Collaborative office furniture is the signature of this space, fostering a relaxed, open-air atmosphere—the perfect environment for formal meetings or impromptu brainstorming sessions.

Collaborative office furniture takes face-to-face meetings to a new, innovative level with flexible and comfortable pieces that work seamlessly together—from benches and chairs, to sofas and tables. This modern office furniture is perfect for any business with a mind for innovation and an eye for cutting-edge designs.

Traditional Conference Room

Contemporary office furniture catches your eye as soon as you enter the traditional conference room. The modern conference table sits at the center of the room, lined with ergonomic conference chairs—a boardroom ready for new ideas and strategy sessions. Here, collaboration culminates in action. Leaders and innovators work together in a comfortable, refined atmosphere that lends itself to forward motion.

Though traditional conference rooms are best suited for companies with a classic style or higher levels of meeting privacy, the modern design resonates the forward thinking mentality of legendary businesses.




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