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How to Create a Workspace Your Team Will Love

<alt="glass and wood office table"/>Have you ever walked into a building and felt a difference in your mood? When an organization combines the right lighting, mood, and furniture, you can transform any workspace into an experience.

With myriad furniture options to choose from, our Strong Project designers will help you improve the mood — and productivity — of your office. Upgrading your office with modern design will not only satisfy your visitors. The people who walk in your office on a daily basis — your team and staff — will also love what you’ve done with the place.

But, will furniture alone make improvements in your company? A new chair won’t bring you more profits. However, every decision you make for your company contributes to your overall performance. So, when you have the right furniture for the right situation, a new glass and wood conference table just may trigger a series of new ideas from your team. This allows your managers to be more effective and responsible.  In this post, we’ll share how to choose furniture your team will love.

Create a Better Workspace With Modular Furniture<alt="Lounge Furniture"/>

When an employee shows up to work, they want to feel like they’re doing something special and different. This is why they choose to work for you, and not your competitors. In order to make them feel special, you can use modular furniture to give them flexible and attractive workspaces.

Modular furniture is adored by companies who use it because:

1. It has a modern and contemporary look and feel.

The latest in cubicle design makes people feel connected to everyone else on the team. However, they’re still separate enough that they can focus and have private time when needed. Notice how the wide-open space around the desk gives the employee room to breathe. Because there are multiple drawers and ample shelf space, a team member can stay organized, too.

2. You can arrange it in dozens of configurations.

Many of our cubicles have several different configuration and layout options. Some of our most popular cubicle desks have 11 distinctive measurements to choose from, and 15 unique layout options to choose from. That’s enough to create a different desk setup every month for an entire year.

3. Modular furniture design is inspired by nature and natural human desire.

<alt='Honeycomb Office Set"/>

The honeycomb cubicle is a great example of a nature-inspired cubicle. Because your employees work and collaborate on projects  — like bees in a beehive — the honeycomb style is one of the best ways to improve productivity. This can improve teamwork within your company. Humans have a natural desire to work together and be social. The see-through screens on these modular cubicles allow free-flowing conversations without creating too much of a distraction.

Start Designing Your Office

Did you know we have an online office design tool? This resource helps you figure out what would look honeycomb furniturebest in your office, workspace, reception area, or conference room. Plan ahead with this simple tool and contact Strong Project when you’re ready to start your next office redesign project.

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