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Is Your Office Flexible?

It’s important to make your office flexible, comfortable, and productive for your team. Your best talent will spend the majority of their week in your office, so why not design a space that caters to all of their needs and allows them to work at their highest level of success?

The office is constantly buzzing with activity. Your team’s workday is never the same and your employees will move from project to project and meeting to meeting at a moment’s notice. Without a flexible office, they won’t be able to perform at their best. Here are a few ways to create a flexible office space with modern and contemporary office design:

Make Your Spaces Multifunctional

Here at StrongProject, we emphasize the importance of creating multifunctional spaces. Typically, that means creating spaces that allow your team to move from privacy to team collaboration, meeting to conference, and project to project with ease. When it comes to creating a flexible workplace, we suggest taking that “multifunctional” theme to the next level and transforming every part of your entire office. Every workspace, meeting place, and area of your office can be used for a variety of unique and functional purposes.

If you have open spaces that can be flexible, think bigger than just creating additional workspaces for your team. Consider designing multifunctional spaces that can be used for events, large meetings, industry conferences, and receptions. Use your office space for team-building activities and fun company-wide gatherings. Work with whatever dimensions you may have in your office space, but think outside of the walls you’re confined to: even the smallest offices can be turned into incredibly unique and one-of-a-kind multifunctional, flexible spaces.

Create Outdoor Areas for Your Team

Break time and recreational spaces are very important to the health and productivity of your team. Fresh air, greenery, and natural light are all necessary for creativity, brain function, and workday effectiveness, so why not give your team plenty of outdoor space to both work and play in?

Outdoor space is no longer just for coffee breaks or taking phone calls. The most innovative companies around the world are taking those spaces and transforming them into outdoor offices. Set up weatherproof tables, chairs, collaboration furniture, IT-equipped furniture, and tools that your team may need in your outdoor space. Allow them to hold meetings outside, work in the fresh air with their electronic devices, and host conference calls in the sunshine. Take their cubicles outside and watch their productivity, creativity, and appreciation soar.

Add More Breakrooms to Make Your Office Flexible

Breakrooms let your employees relax, unwind, and take some time for themselves. Studies show that break times for your team are imperative to the success of your business. The more time your team spends behind their computer without walking away, the less productive and creative they will be. Allow access to several different breakrooms at any point in time. This will improve the quality of their work, the efficiency of your team, and the happiness of your entire company.

If your team doesn’t want to stay outside in their outdoor area, or if your office doesn’t allow for outdoor space, then consider creating special breakrooms throughout your office—or entire “break floors.” Create breakrooms that are designated with specific purposes in mind.

Set one breakroom up as the “coffee house” where team members can gather. Employees can check their email, read a book, catch up with each other, and even brainstorm before meetings. Use another breakroom as the “IT room” where everyone can use IT-equipped furniture and their own devices for conference calls, personal use, recharging, and team project sessions. Set up another room as the “fun room” with games, a basketball hoop, books, and other activities that your team can use together to relax, on their own, or as a way to build team morale. Get creative! The more creative and useful your breakrooms are, the more likely it is that your team will spend their time there and enjoy working in their office.

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