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    The Reality of the “Modern-day” Office

    We’ve said time and time again that the open office layout is not ideal for today’s modern worker. The same can be said for what many call the “modern-day” or “hip” office. These working hubs rely on hotdesking, open concepts, and add-ons like cafes, bars, or other public-serving areas. But is this really what today’s employees want from a workplace? While the concept seems interesting at first, the reality is employees who have to work in these bustling locations are…

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  • Activity Based Working

    Activity-Based Working 101

    The focus of work for today’s employees is more different than ever before. With technology taking over more mundane tasks and analysis, the form the data we use in the workplace…

  • Articles and Trends

    Is Your Office Flexible?

    It’s important to make your office flexible, comfortable, and productive for your team. Your best talent will spend the majority of their week in your office, so why not design a…