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Three Office Design Improvements To Create a Work-Life Balance

The elusive work-life balance. It’s been reported that a typical employee spends between 38-60 hours at the office. Now, with the exponential rise of connectivity, employees feel pressured to check in for work using their smartphone, tablet, or laptop on the go: during their lunch break, commute, and at night after dinner or before bed.

This is counterproductive to an employee’s mental health and workload stamina because it forces engagement instead of fostering it.

Even though we can’t all have offices that literally disappear after 6 p.m. to discourage employees from working late, we can embrace work spaces that mimic some of the key comforts of home. These design twists can help your team feel relaxed and engaged on their own, while understanding they can take breaks to increase focus and productivity in projects.

View three ways to shift your modern office design to invite more balance in our latest article at Inc. Magazine. 



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