Portfolio Spotlight: Hybrid Intelligence

StrongProject Client Spotlight: Hybrid Intelligence from StrongProject Team on Vimeo.

Hybrid Intelligence represents a new-generation provider of data warehousing, analytics, and reporting as a service.  With a Consumer Packaged Goods focus, the company is relentlessly driven to create unprecedented value for its customers.  The role of Hybrid Intelligence becomes both trusted advisor and collaborator while delivering value through well-balanced, rapidly implemented analytics and reporting solutions that help to create value through supporting business strategies, initiatives, M&A and divestiture activity, corporate consolidations, efficiency goals, and system migrations or integrations.

Story of Space
– Square Footage – 4,181

– The vision was to create a space that reflected the core values and branding of the company.  Hybrid Intelligence represents a new way of thinking about technology and relationships established between customers and technology providers.  We seek to create value for our customers through our collaborative, outside the box approach, remaining completely transparent and fact based.  We needed a space that was open, flexible, inviting, and inspired collaborative creativity with our employees, customer, and partners.

Challenges Faced
– The original space felt dark and dreary with little natural light since all offices were wrapped around the exterior walls.  We were able to work with the landlord of the property and his design team to reconfigure the space allowing us to remove all exterior offices and walls, allowing natural light to pass directly from the front to the back of the space.  Despite the construction and the evolving floor lay out Strong Project was able to easily understand the desired vision for the space and recommend furniture pieces that completely fit the space.  With great attention to detail, their collaborative approach allowed us to work together and execute an entire space despite being located over 2,800 miles away.  Strong Project never needed to directly see the space or meet in person, through dialogue, pictures, and email we were able to work together to achieve a truly amazing space.

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