When Investment Management Meets Creative Office Space

Cove Street Capital - StrongProject Office Design

When Cove Street Capital moved into the newly renovated Bixby Land Company building on El Segundo Blvd., the company needed upgraded modern office furniture to meet the demands of their growing business. The aim of the redesign was to reposition the building to a contemporary work environment that coincided with Cove Street Capital’s high-functioning, productive, and creative team.

To create a working environment that equaled the innovation of our client, StrongProject partnered with Interior Designer Deirdre Bronchick, who created masterful interior finishes and lighting, alongside wall-painted murals that highlighted Cove Street Capital’s company culture.

As we designed the new office layout, we laid out a 4,500 square foot working environment conducive to high productivity and transformational investment solutions. At StrongProject, our goal always reflects that of our clients. In the case of Cove Street Capital, the main objective was superior and long-term performance. With that in mind, we installed a contemporary office furniture setup that met those two descriptors.

According to Interior Designer Deirdre Bronchick, “StrongProject had everything that we wanted. Investment companies are now ‘out of the box,’ and we didn’t want to do the standard banker’s office. I came to them with a list of requirements from the client, and StrongProject was able to source it, and stay on budget.”

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