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Modern Boardroom Essentials

Modern Boardroom Essentials

Modern conference rooms are more than just a meeting space—they are the place where leaders come together, new ideas spark, and action is put into motion. And with the right modern office furniture to create the environment for collaboration, there’s no limit to the innovation a company will experience.

Check out our checklist of everything you need to turn your boardroom into a sleek and modern powerhouse for ideas.

A Contemporary Conference Table

Undoubtedly, the conference table is the singular most important furniture piece in your boardroom. It’s where ideas are set into motion and where plans for the future of your company take shape.

Modern Boardroom Essentials

The modern conference table is the focal point of your boardroom. And a conference table’s appearance can make or break your conference room.

Select a size, shape, and style that fit the needs of your team and projects your desired image, such as StrongProject’s glass boardroom tables   Technology integration is also an important conference table element to consider. StrongProject offers technology-ready modern conference tables with Power, Data, HDMI, VGA, Audio, and USB interfaces.

 Modern Conference Chairs

Executive conference chairs at your conference table are also a given. However, be sure you always have more modern conference chairs than you will typically need. It’s better to have too many seats than not enough! For those larger company meetings or board meetings consider lining one of the walls in your conference room with extra seating.

From sleek white conference chairs to ergonomic task chairs, StrongProject’s modern office furniture offers versatile design and comfort for your team.

Modern Boardroom Essentials

Conference Room and Storage

Modern conference rooms also need go-to storage solutions for utmost functionality. Modern conference shelving units, buffets and storage cabinets can be used for item display, storage of refreshments, cups and utensils as well as important technology and AV equipment and keep your fast-paced meetings running without a hitch.


Conference Room Equipment

Every contemporary conference room needs presentation equipment and whiteboards for PowerPoints, brainstorming and more. StrongProject’s glassboards complete your boardroom with the most up-to-date technology, and give your conference room the progressive, professional touch that distinguishes your office environment.


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