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    Must-Have Collaborative Workspaces

    Collaborative workspaces are still hailed as one of the most inspiring and innovative trends in modern office design today. Despite the increased need for more privacy spaces from companies, and the return to traditional-style cubicle office layouts—collaborative offices are still the must-have office design around the world.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download By adding collaborative furniture that’s fun, movable, and multifunctional, you’ll inspire your employees to think outside of the cubicle, by allowing them to work in their…

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    Watch: StrongProject Collaborative Office Furniture

    Collaborative Office Furniture – Modern Office from StrongProject Team on Vimeo. Collaboration furniture brings ideas together. Inspire your employees to think outside of the box, by actually getting them outside of…

  • Acoustic Furniture for the Modern Office
    Articles and Trends

    What’s Hot: Acoustic Office Furniture

    Acoustic office furniture can create islands of intimate social space and privacy within your open-plan office—perfect for holding focused meetings. While it may appear strange or provocative when you first encounter…