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Must-Have Collaborative Workspaces

Collaborative workspaces are still hailed as one of the most inspiring and innovative trends in modern office design today. Despite the increased need for more privacy spaces from companies, and the return to traditional-style cubicle office layouts—collaborative offices are still the must-have office design around the world.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

By adding collaborative furniture that’s fun, movable, and multifunctional, you’ll inspire your employees to think outside of the cubicle, by allowing them to work in their own DIY collaborative spaces. Whether they need to host an impromptu meeting, a quick team brainstorm, or they just want to hang out on the break—these spaces fit perfectly in every office that wants to foster a little more togetherness and inspired teamwork during the 9-to-5.

Breakout Spaces


Encourage your team to take more breaks to get more productive! Studies show that spending just 5-10 minutes on a different activity after 30 minutes of dedicated, focused work will dramatically increase output and creativity. Your team will also open up and come together when they feel more comfortable and relaxed. It’s a win-win for the entire office. Breakout spaces are designed to feel like you’re working at home. Let your team work and host their meetings where they want, especially if they’re doing so in comfortable, inspiring modern collaborative furniture.

Not only are collaboration furniture pieces great for meetings, but they’re also suitable for team building activities. This furniture can help your team become more involved in the company mission, get to know each other better, or participate in a team appreciation day or afternoon. The possibilities are endless.

Huddle Spaces

Huddle rooms are the next great conference rooms! A fun alternative to the traditional board room or meeting area, these spots are more centered and focused than breakout spaces. Your team can come together for meetings and team projects in a relaxed environment, but these huddle rooms are slightly more private, thus increasing the focus and the dedicated time your team is spending on their work. Many of our clients enjoy how employees can come together and channel their efforts in one space. Huddle rooms are especially good for last minute brainstorming collaborations, conference calls, and more. This furniture creates a fantastic environment that puts everyone at ease and allows ideas flow freely. Rethink your traditional Monday meetings and work outside of the conference room. Consider adding fun, colorful collaboration furniture as an integral part of your meetings.

Focused Workspaces


Yes, even a “focused” workspace can be considered collaborative. StrongProject offers a number of lounge style, high-backed workspaces that bring your team together for discussions, idea generation, and meetings. If your office layout is open and organic, these spaces allow your employees a perfect balance of freedom and focus: they can collaborate together in their own space while the hustle and bustle of the organic office is still going on around them.



IT-Equipped Spaces

Much of our StrongProject furniture is IT-equipped and ready to support all of your electronic and technological needs. Stay connected with your clients, your team, and colleagues through the Internet. Use your favorite gadgets during meetings, and even charge your devices in our all-in-one collaboration suites. You don’t have to purchase lots of collaboration furniture to get a full spectrum of workday benefits and results. We pride ourselves on the versatility of StrongProject collaboration furniture. As well as the countless ways your team can use it to their advantage each and every workday.


Our collaborative workspaces are redefining how teams around the world get more inspired, creative, focused, and productive. Create your own collaborative space with us today.

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