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What is Flex Office Space?

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The first question many have is, what is flex space? A flex office space is an area that can accommodate the ever-changing needs of the hybrid workforce. With furniture made to be completely mobile, these spaces can shift day to day or even hour to hour. Flex offices generally require little commitment while providing space-saving solutions that help workers get the most out of the space.

A flex office appeals to the different needs of a changing hybrid workplace. Many flex spaces include mixed-use areas. These areas can be used for collaboration, break rooms, or a workstation for the day. Since these spaces are versatile, they have resources and amenities to accommodate a group of people. Some people need privacy and quiet while others need large, open collaborative spaces. How do the resources in a flex office address everybody’s needs on an ever-shifting basis?

What Workers Need

mobile multi purpose modern office furniture for a flex office space

For some, a flex space may be used as a personal space for a couple of months at a time. Companies might use a flex office to provide a working space for temporary employees or to accommodate visitors from out of town. Regardless of the situation, everybody using a flex space can have their needs met. Since a flex space is able to accommodate workers by appealing to their needs, it must be able to move and shift easily. And while privacy and focus, and creative and collaborative work don’t seem like they can happen side by side, these spaces can be created easily within a hybrid office design. These issues can be addressed with the use of specialized furniture, partitions, and modular cubicles that can be added or subtracted to a space with ease. A good flex space helps workers get the most out of the space they use.

The Hybrid Employee

flex office space with modern modular cubicles in a biophilic office designOffice flex spaces appeal to hybrid workers. We have seen a shift in how and when employees work in and out of the office. Employees might have some resources they need offsite but they still need areas to meet and collaborate. This makes flex office space an ideal option.

With the increase in the hybrid workforce, we are seeing fewer employees in the office at any given time. This requires less space. With these changes, functionality is key. Storage, furniture, and privacy solutions are important elements in a flex office space. There is less time being spent throughout the week in individual offices. Adding hotdesking plans can help eliminate some needed desks to make room for more creative and flexible workspaces.

Partitions in Flex Office Space

partitions and movable furniture in a biophilic office for the hybrid workplaceIn a traditional open office without partitions, there is almost nothing stopping you from being able to see to the other side. This type of office is usually filled with cubicles or desks for each employee. And while this setup works in some situations, where employees are all doing the same type of work with the same needs. The rise of hybrid work is creating a very different list of priorities for employees.

There is no doubt that the rise of hybrid work is changing the office.

Our commercial office furniture can help divide up these large areas into flex spaces. There are different types of partitions used in flex spaces but they almost all have a dual purpose. The partitions are mobile or modular. This means they can expand space to suit larger groups or be arranged to create smaller more focused areas. The ease with which a partition can be rolled out of the way saves time and space when changing how an area is used.

The partitions in flex office spaces can be designed to serve more than one purpose. Some partitions have dry-erase panels on them to provide an extra working surface. Some partitions are used as storage solutions. Others have built-in planters to add a touch of nature to your office. One of the most beneficial types of partition is sound dampening or sound absorbing panels. This is a panel that helps block as well as absorb sound traveling throughout an open space. These specially designed partitions help maintain the workers’ privacy and limit noise distractions.

Modular Furniture

modern curved cubicles and employee meeting booths in a flex office spaceIn a space that needs to be easily rearranged to accommodate needs and varying group sizes, the furniture should be easy to move. Modular furniture such as cubicles can be expanded to provide adequate desk space. This is ideal for office space that may have privacy needs as well as a need for collaborative space. Whether it is modular desk solutions, seating, or partitions, the furniture needs to serve the needs of different professionals.

A flex office appeals to the different needs of a changing hybrid workplace.

One furniture solution may work for some professionals but not others. This is why versatile solutions are important. Collapsible and easily stored furniture and partitions take up minimal space when not in use. They are also easily accessible should workers’ needs change.

The modular furniture that is found in flex offices is functional. There is minimal waste of space, which allows an area to accommodate more people simultaneously. The functionality of these types of spaces is one of the things that is so attractive about them. The possibilities are endless when the right commercial furniture is integrated into your office layout.

Creating a Flex Space

tech-enabled flex office space with movable modern office furniture and ergonomic seatingThere is no doubt that the rise of hybrid work is changing the office. The number of people in the office can vary drastically from day to day. When given a choice, most workers prefer to work two days in the office. And with a majority of companies offering an at-will hybrid schedule, it is clear to see that the office changes daily.

The possibilities are endless when the right pieces are integrated into your office layout.

One definite result is that the number of employees in the office each day is down. And that when these employees come in, it is primarily to collaborate with their teammates. Creating a flex space, or several different spaces in your office can support this rising need for collaboration.  Businesses can use their space how they need it when they need it. This allows workers to always find (or create!) the right space for the tasks at hand.

Multi-use commercial office furniture offers functionality that is not found in traditional furniture. A space can be transformed from a collaborative space for several employees to a private area for one person. All by rolling an extra partition into the space. Traditional office layouts do not offer this convenience. Meeting rooms, large open workspaces, and individual offices are starting to become a thing of the past. The flex office space is here to stay.

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