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How Offices Will Change Dramatically After Covid-19


It’s safe to say most everything will change dramatically after covid-19, so why wouldn’t the office, too? Thankfully, it turns out we are much better at adapting to change than we ever expected. And, more surprisingly, we miss the office more than we imagined. Experienced furniture makers are responding to our needs and creating stylish, practical, functional, and safe office furniture solutions that will provide the social-distancing measures we require. Best of all, StrongProject offers modern office cubicles so companies like yours can prepare to return to work before staff even arrives.  

The opportunity for a creative renaissance in commercial spaces is now.

Creative ways to prepare the office also will include biophilic design, flexible lighting, an emphasis on employee well-being, and touchdown spaces. But without improved office furniture sets and desks, to name a few pieces, your commercial space won’t be as accommodating and protected as it should be for everyone from management to interns. 

Rethinking Your Office Furniture Post Covid-19

Modern social-distancing cubicles

It’s time you rethink office cubicles and start embracing modern modular furniture. From forward-thinking modern office cubicles and screens to adjustable height office desks and fashionable, branded colors, StrongProject’s cubicle collection will meet your future needs.

As seen here, this cubicle solution offers walls for shielding while allowing natural light to reach employees. The non-porous materials used, such as laminate, acrylic, glass, and marker board, mean quick, sanitizing cleaning throughout the workday. Available with an array of customized features, including:

  • Numerous finish options are available–solid Colors, textured, rustic woodgrain laminates are available for panels and worksurfaces. 
  • Acrylic components come in clear, frosted, light blue, orange, red, and gloss white marker-board. Bleach-cleanable tackable fabrics are also available.
  • Ergonomic monitor arms and Power/USB desktop chargers are available.

office furniture social distancing

Not sure how a modern office workstation will work in your office space? StrongPproject will do a free test-fit to show you the best use in your commercial floorplan.

Acoustic phone booths

Companies would also do well to invest in single-person acoustic phone booths with air filtration. Following a year of working from home, many of us have experienced the luxury of controlling our work environment, including eliminating chatter and multiple interruptions. These stylish acoustic phone booths feature both laminated safety glass, and an acoustic felt interior for optimal acoustic performance. The energy-efficient air circulation system guarantees a fresh atmosphere for longer phone calls, conversations, and meetings. Placed in flexible spaces, they provide an ideal spot to get away from the desk and into a private workflow. 

office furniture acoustic phone booth

How the Coronavirus Will Change Office Spaces

The opportunity for a creative renaissance in commercial spaces is now. Furniture makers and office furniture resource businesses, like StrongProject, are responding with modern solutions that meet the needs of companies ranging from start-ups to legacies. Flexible floorplans that focus on employee distribution and generational well-being will become part of the post-coronavirus norm. 

Before you open the office doors, space out the furniture, have it deep cleaned and set a maximum seating capacity.

Prepare your office space for a massive change after the coronavirus in this crucial way–open office spaces are a thing of the past. Employees and employers won’t want to return to a workplace that has given zero consideration to maintaining social-distancing protocols. Companies need to be aware and prepare that floor space for office room furniture that makes sense following our coronavirus experience. 

Don’t have the budget right now for custom-made modern office cubicles? We have office furniture retrofitting solutions for your existing furniture such as space and cubicle privacy screens, desk privacy panels, sneeze-guards, retractable cubicle privacy screens, clamp-on desk dividers, standing desk privacy panels, and cubicle height extenders.

You’ll also want to consider your current office collaboration sections. Before you open the office doors, space out the furniture, have it deep cleaned and set a maximum seating capacity. Offer hand-sanitizer and tables that have wipeable surfaces. Considerations like these will increase the feeling of employee safety and happiness in the workplace.

How Your Company Office Will Change in the Post-coronavirus Era

The office is not dead, though it’s hard to imagine when we’ll return. But it’s coming. And, yes, it will be different. That doesn’t mean it will be inferior. On the contrary, we see opportunities for creativity and office furniture choices to make the office exciting. We recommend finding a furniture resource company now that you trust. A business with years of experience outfitting commercial spaces with the highest quality modern office furniture with the design experience this unique time requires. Let us help you imagine and achieve the perfect office for the post-coronavirus era. Learn how we work today.

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