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Create a Sustainable Office

3580-007FWhat was once a catchy buzzword is no longer a trend or a fad; “going green” is a way of life for many businesses. Going green means being sustainable, protecting the environment, and helping reduce your carbon footprint in all possible ways: from recycling paper or going “paperless” to completely reconfiguring your office layout to fit green standards and protocols.

But for many companies, going green simply means making a few changes to your office furniture options, lighting, and design details. Making a difference in the environment and changing our planet’s health doesn’t have to be difficult or costly for your business.

Here are a few ways you can “go green” in style:

Change the office lighting.

Changing your office lighting can make a world of difference in your team’s health, company productivity, energy costs, and your carbon footprint. Gone are the days of traditional fluorescent office lighting hanging among drop ceiling tiles. With modern office furniture offerings, you can ditch the harsh office lighting and switch it out for more comfortable, relaxing, warm lighting options.

Choose bulbs that are energy efficient and softer. Harsh lighting will only negatively affect your team’s productivity. Let your employees bring their own office lamps into their personal workspaces. These lighting fixtures will make the office feel more like home. Increase the natural light in your office—whether it’s by adding more windows, changing the types of windows already in your space, breaking down walls, or moving work areas and team spaces closer to the natural light.

21457_LBAdd recycled or refurbished furniture to your space.

Going green is no longer a boring, drab office design concept. Going green really can be stylish, modern, comfortable, and impressive. We offer an entire collection of recycled and refurbished contemporary office furniture for the business that wants to be stylish on a budget, needs to embody their company values in every part of their office, and desires to help the planet—one office chair at a time.

Whether you want to outfit the entire office with recycled furniture, or you’re hoping to create “green spaces” or “green floors” in your building, we have the pieces you need to feel stylish, modern, and responsible.

Bring the outside in.

One of the most popular trends in modern office design is adding greenery and natural plants into the office space. Not only is this a chic way to add a bit of color and soft, natural tones into your design scheme, but it’s also one of the simplest ways to boost your team’s health, purify the office air, and decrease your energy costs.

office greenery 2Add plants into your private office and greenery throughout the collaborative spaces and team areas. Natural ivy, ferns, and even entire greenery walls add energy and natural beauty into the office. Plants are natural air purifiers and increase the available oxygen in your space. Include plants and flowers in the spaces where your team spends the most time in order to get a full spectrum of health benefits and increased energy throughout the day. You’ll also enjoy decreased healthcare costs, as your team will stay healthier, and lower energy bills, as plants help to naturally clean the air and lower indoor temperatures.

Are you interested in creating a sustainable office? Our modern and contemporary office designs can help. Contact us today to get started on your next office design project.

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