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The Best Office Layouts for 4 Types of Work Environments

True workplace innovation starts when you think three steps ahead regarding your current office environment. Consider how to combine new design to boost productivity and breakthroughs. Though it’s difficult to find one universal metric that easily measures productivity in the workplace, there are four key “work modes” that are essential to achieve productivity and creativity: focus, collaboration, learning, and socializing.

According to Gensler’s 2016 study, 48 million U.S. workers are working in an office that is not set up to help them innovate. This represents billions of dollars in lost revenue and profit for countless organizations. You could potentially be leaving money on the table, not to mention stifling your brand growth and employee loyalty, with an outdated office design.

Make sure your innovative office supports these four work modes, you could see a rise in creativity, productivity and breakthroughs among your colleagues and employees.

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