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Need to Increase Productivity in the Office? Do It By Design

productive office design

The open office design craze of years past turned what we know about office design on its ear and on its heels. Studies show a distinctly negative impact on productivity as a result. On the one hand, open offices breed amazing innovation. On the other, they’re disruptive and propagate employee resentment, lower productivity, increase absenteeism, and result in higher turnover. So how does a savvy company achieve the best of both worlds in their office design?

Workplace productivity isn’t always quantifiable, especially for workers whose jobs require more analyses and thought processes.

Ideas and project development don’t have a manufacturing time. So how do you measure productivity for this? Part of it is through the employee’s job satisfaction. Do they feel they’re doing a good job? Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of asking. If a company’s employees believe they’re getting the job done in an efficient manner while maintaining a happiness and well-being standard, and their output is in line with the company’s mission, then they’re productive. But are they productive enough? And what can employers do to facilitate that company culture and environment for their workforce?

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productive office design

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