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The New Collaborative Work Space

Inspire your employees to think outside of the cubicle, by actually getting them outside of the cubicle and into “touchdown” or a collaborative work space.

Breakout spaces, huddle rooms, media spaces, and focused workspaces are all work areas that encourage collaboration. They invite your employees to feel like they’re more than just an individual chair, desk, office, or computer. They allow the group dream to begin!

customizable office design with a wall mounted sturage solution and custom employee meeting booths for the collaborative workforce

Breakout Spaces

Employees open up and come together when they feel comfortable and relaxed. Just like some of your most comfy spots at home, breakout spaces in the office are the places where dynamic energy is harnessed and the collaborative process takes root.

Huddle Rooms

Huddle rooms are a great alternative to the traditional conference room. More centered and focused than breakout spaces, many of our clients enjoy how employees can come together around a single project and channel their efforts. Huddle are great for collaborations.

flexible office design for collaboration with partitions and biophilics

Media Spaces

When your employees need to create, modify or share electronic content, media spaces are their office destinations. StrongProject hosts a variety of media spaces that offer modifiable configurations to suit whatever the job demands.

Focused Workspace

StrongProject offers a number of lounge style, high-backed, focused workspaces. These ensconced settings bring the team closer together for critical discussions. Focused work spaces are perfect for open offices. Our focused workspace options allow employees to truly collaborate, innovate, and feel like they’re part of the team.

Whatever collaborative space you’re looking to create in your office, explore all of the designs and configurations available through StrongProject. Next time your employees need the right space, they’ll know just where to look.

Collaborative space 3

View more in our galleries, or incorporate your own collaborative workspaces with our Design Your Office tool!





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