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The Opposite of Open Office Design

Open Office DesignBased on all the trends coming out of Silicon Valley, workers today want a bright, open-air, open office design with plenty of social interaction and zero privacy – right?

Maybe not. Based on recent findings from the Journal of Environmental Psychology, higher levels of distress, irritation, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating were reported by workers in open-plan offices rather than those who work in private offices. Additionally, employees with private offices report feeling more satisfied with their job performances than open-plan office employees. Studies show that open-plan offices actually have a negative impact on collaboration because of the lack of privacy.

Strong Project offers a number of office design options and ideas for how you can set up practical, closed workspaces for groups or individuals in order to maximize employee comfort and productivity.

David Tix executive desk

Office desks

Whether your style is a large executive-style desk or a smaller workspace, one thing’s for sure. Your employees will appreciate having your own space to spread out and make their own. Studies show employees reach their highest potential when they’re most comfortable. This means not working in a dark, cramped cubicle surrounded by people. You may also consider implementing adjustable-height desks in private offices that offer more flexibility and comfort for a wider range of employees.

Office chairs

Similarly, customize the office chair you prefer to maximize your comfort at work. Strong Project offers a wide range of options to fit sleek, modern office designs or more traditional executive chairs. You should also consider furnishing your private office with a variety of seating options. This might include everything from guest chairs to office lounge chairs that encourage more casual, comfortable collaboration.

Working Modular DesksDesign

Finally, put it all together and add some finishing touches to your private office. Do you work best in a minimalist private office with very few distractions? Or do you feel more comfortable in a cozier space with plenty of furniture pieces? It is important to remember to make space in your private office for couches or office lounge chairs, since you’ll still likely need an area for casual conversations and brainstorms with coworkers. You’ll also be glad to have them when you need a change of scenery from behind your desk. Plus, talk about an upgrade from cubicle life!

So, if you’re tired of having to huddle around a group of cubicles to hash out a final idea for a project – or tired of your coworkers huddling around your cubicle as they hash out a final idea for a project that you have nothing to do with – take these pieces of advice, and browse our collections to make a change in your workplace. So what if your office doesn’t look exactly like a trendy Silicon Valley start-up? Privacy, comfort, and maximum productivity will always be in style.

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