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Must-Have Checklist for Hosting Office Guests and Clients

Whether you know it or not, your office design speaks volumes for your company, and when you host office guests or clients, they associate the design and atmosphere of the office with the work you produce.

If you’re planning to host a single executive meeting or a multi-day session, follow the steps on this checklist to ensure your attendees walk away impressed.

Must-Have Checklist for Hosting Office Guests:

a modern reception areas that relects branding and company image when hosting office guests

A Warm Reception

Perhaps the single most important area of your office is the reception area because it’s the place where first impressions are made. How you greet your high-level guests or clients can elevate or deflate their expectations. The reception area is the first thing people see when hosting office guests.

Boardroom Design

Boardrooms are the inner sanctums of most offices, where teams come together to make important decisions. Comfort and style are critical components to your conference or boardroom design, and they tell your guests how much your company values teamwork.

Avoid the Confusion

If your office feels like a maze, your guests may end up feeling more trapped than welcome. That’s the last thing you want when hosting office guests and clients. Try and plan an agenda that utilizes what open spaces your office has available, and you’re office will feel more inviting. 

Collaborative Workspaces

Breaking out from the norm, collaborative spaces can provide a more relaxing, intimate environment than most traditional office spaces. StrongProject offers a number of unique designs that will help your high-level clients open up and feel more comfortable.

Break Room Layout

If you’re planning meals in the break room, make sure your layout is memorable. An uncomfortable lunch can ruin all the work you’ve done impressing your guest or client with your office space.


Follow this checklist for hosting office guests and clients and you’ll start leaving them with strong, lasting impressions.


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