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What Furniture Should You Have in Your Reception Area?

The reception area. This first thing everyone sees as they walk into your office, and the last area they pass through on their way back out. Everyone knows that a bright cheerful receptionist is the best way to welcome people into the office. But what elements and reception area furniture make a welcoming space? Strong Project’s modern office furniture has everything you need to make the perfect reception area.

In many offices, the reception area is also known as a waiting room. What do people do when they are sitting and waiting? They look around. So a great reception area needs more than a desk and a few chairs. In this post, you will find a list of elements that every reception area should include.

A Reception Area Furniture Essential: The Desk

modern curved reception desks in a colorful custom reception area with ergonomic chairs that reflects brand image

In almost every reception area, you will find a desk. This is the place where visitors know they can get their questions answered or be pointed in the right direction. The perfect desk may be specific to the type of industry that you are in. But all reception desks should be kept neat and organized. Make sure there is a clear footpath between the entryway for your organization and the desk. And that there is adequate lighting. Often guests will be signing or filling out forms, so consider the lighting in front of the desk and not just behind it for the receptionist.

A great desk not only complements your space but is consistent with your branding. Reception desks from StrongProject, are available in a variety of finishes and colors. Desks come in a variety of shapes and heights from wraparound desks to curved modular desks. The possibilities are endless for designing the perfect desk for your reception area.

Accent Chairs

lounge area chairs with ergonomic features in a modern office reception area

While you hope to never keep guests waiting too long, you should include comfortable yet stylish seating in case they do. Accent chairs are aptly named. The right chairs can not only provide a great place to sit but actually, enhance the overall style of your reception area. If your reception desk has bold colors, chairs in neutrals like white, tan, or gray can create a softer feel. If your reception area is more neutral in color, choosing chairs as a pop of color could brighten up the space.

The number of chairs needed varies based on the anticipated number of guests waiting at any given time. But even if you don’t typically have guests waiting, including a minimum of two chairs is recommended. Adding chairs to your reception area even if they are more for decoration creates a more welcoming environment.

Sit Down Stay Awhile

comfortable sofa for a contemperary office reception area with a biophilic design

Lounge-style seating might not be right for every reception area, but if you often have guests or clients waiting they can be a great addition. Lounge-style seating is a great way to fill an open area, as well as ensure your visitors have a comfortable place to sit. As we are returning to the office, creating the same comfort in the office as at home will let people wait happily.

Sofas and couches are another great way to incorporate company colors into the reception area. Creating a consistent look and feel from your reception area to your workstations can make a big impression. This impression extends not only to your clients and guests but to existing team members you hope to retain, as well as new team members you hope to recruit.

Tables and Stands

functional modern end tables for a reception area that includes a contemperary biophilic design

Many industries are operating under some type of hybrid schedule. Under this model, guests coming into your office might not reach for that magazine while they wait. Instead, they might pull out their laptop. Including laptop stands in the reception area can create a functional environment for visitors.

If your typical guest isn’t necessarily a hybrid worker, be sure to include end tables or coffee tables for books or magazines.  Some lounge furniture and seating options have built-in tables if you are looking to maximize space in your reception area.

Adding Green to the Reception Area

plants and a biophilic design being incroporated into a contemperary reception area with a modern reception desk

Increasingly, companies are including plants throughout their office. And there are many benefits to having plants for your team members. Plants improve both productivity and the ability to focus. Employees will spend longer in places with plants.  And to top it off, people who work in offices that include plants and other natural designs report higher levels of happiness.

If plants can do all of those things for employees, including them in your reception area should be an easy yes. Everyone wants happier visitors and clients! But more than that, plants literally create a breath of fresh air. They provide a natural brightness and light to your area. And just like a bright, smiling receptionist, plants can breathe life into your reception area.

When you plan your reception area, start with function first. Make sure to include all of the elements that are necessary to accommodate your guests. Remove any barriers to a smooth entry, and make sure your reception area is inclusive to all potential visitors. But once you have these bases covered, hit a homeroom by incorporating the right reception area furniture.

Explore the reception area furniture collection from StrongProject.

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