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Creative Office Design Post-Covid

office interior with acoustic panels

The optimistic view of the post-Covid workplace is that we have an opportunity for a creative, fresh start. Now is the time employers can be creative with their office design, improving worker well-being and transforming floorplans. From modest changes you can implement in a day to extravagant purchases, you can create an office design that will support health and promote productivity.

Post-Covid office design takes into account best social distancing practices and builds a nimble, flexible office space. Even with vaccinations, workers will be sensitive to proximity to others, and they’ll focus on increased hygiene. So, plan a creative office design with solutions that offer beauty, functionality, and wellness.

Creative And Customizable Modular Workstations

For example, this private office cubicle solution is 72” high, providing protective shielding if someone coughs or sneezes. Because the workstation’s components are made of laminate, acrylic, and marker board, they are easy to clean. Furthermore, with multiple color options and an array of finishes, you can select your brand’s color. If you want to make it an exceptional office feature, add ergonomic monitor arms and power/USB desktop chargers.

woman at ergonomic office cubicle with protective screen

Separation With Social Distancing Screens

An easy and budget-friendly creative office design retrofit is the addition of social distancing protective screens. Easily incorporated into your current office furniture, screens provide privacy and safety against seasonal allergies and viruses that are a part of everyday life. Since they are cleanable, heigh-adjustable, and customizable, order them in fashionable and fun colors to creatively brighten up your office without spending a fortune. 

Colorful Creative Design Solutions

The psychology of color makes clear the positive impact that color has on our mental health. You don’t have to repaint the office to add pops of vibrant shades of your brand’s colors to your office design. From curved modular workstations to frosted acrylic panels to standing cubicles, select the perfect color and finishing options while also providing functional office furniture. As with other creative office design solutions, a flexible budget allows you to start with simple partition retrofits or brand new customizable high-end curved modular cubicles. Whicher you choose, employees will appreciate the color and safety provided.

Social Distance Protective Screens For Workstations

Biophilic Design For Employee Well-being

Also, never underestimate the power of the natural world. By bringing plants, letting in outside light, and water features into your commercial space, suddenly your office feels calmer. For employers, a significant perk of incorporating nature is that it doesn’t have to break the bank. For instance, you can start small with the addition of a few small cheerful plants. Next, engage employees by establishing a Green Team who tend to the plants. As for natural light, remove outdated blinds and allow staff to move desks closer to windows with morning or afternoon light. 

cool office space

Creative Office Design With Sound Dampening Acoustic Furniture

If you can’t hear yourself talk in the office, you’ll have to speak up. The louder you talk, the more virus you spread. Tamp down the noise with acoustic furniture that dampens and cancels the extraneous chatter. Likewise, creative office design includes pieces like acoustic panels. Structure a touchdown space for the team with a circle of high-back acoustic chairs or include attractive sound-absorbing ceiling acoustic panels that add privacy and adornment. 

Right now, employers have the opportunity to make the most out of an unexpected situation. Returning to work will be both a blessing and a scary proposition for many. Because creative office design in the workplace shows you care about health and safety, they’ll feel cared for and welcome.

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