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Unique Offices That Will Inspire Your Design

In the era of collaboration and communication between companies, your employees, and your customers, your office space defines not only your company culture, but your brand. Using design not only to improve life for your employees but to define your business has never been more important, or more inspiring. Finding inspiration for the ambiance of your workspace can be a challenge. But Strong Project’s design team can help you achieve the unique office of your dreams. Here are a few modern offices to spark those creative ideas.

photo by Tom Harris Architectural Photography

Sprout Social

Sprout Social in Chicago streamlines communications via social media for their clients’ customer relations. Their offices needed to reflect their ability to enhance and elevate those communications, not just for their customers but for themselves. Feature walls and contemporary lighting were created in partnership with their branding team. As a result, their company culture and purpose are front and center. They made space for collaborative work zones as well as mobile writable surfaces. This included media space and an in-house recording studio, which all serve an aesthetic purpose as well as functionality. Overall, they boost creativity in their team members by immersing the work experience in their company’s overall mission.

creative and unique offices

photo by Halkin Mason Photography

Pearl Properties

Pearl Properties in Philadelphia is a real estate company well-versed in all aspects of property acquisition, development, construction, and leasing. This includes mixed-use properties in exclusive, and often historical, locations. Their offices need to reflect their expertise and forward-thinking awareness to convey their competence to their customers. For example, they did this using subtle colors offset with vibrant accents, varied textures, and industrial materials at unexpected angles to accentuate interest in the space reminiscent of historic Philadelphia. With a mix of collaborative and private spaces, they’ve tailored their office to various departments’ needs. They used skylights to bring in natural lighting and give the whole office an airy feel. The angular nature of some features plays with that natural light as the sunlight progresses through the workday, keeping it interesting and bright.

pearl property unique offices

photo by Tom Gatlin Photography


SESAC, a music licensing company, has called Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee home since 1985.  Although, their offices were spread out. In a recent effort to consolidate to one building, they knew they wanted to stay on Music Row, so they renovated the top two floors of a building with views overlooking the city with space for parties for their talent. As a result, the renovation highlights their brand and support of creative collaboration. with acoustically enhanced writing rooms around a staircase centerpiece where they hold company-wide meetings in a more casual, relaxed atmosphere.

sesac unique offices

photo by Eric Laignel

McCann World Group

McCann WorldGroup in New York City is a marketing firm with a vision for showcasing the storyline of their brand from past to present and an eye toward the future. The 26,000 square foot office on the 28th floor of a building on Third Avenue is sleek mix of collaborative areas, white box spaces for brainstorming, and a main boardroom. Past and present brand logos grace a multitude of art walls throughout the company. A media wall plays McCann WorldGroup campaigns to wow new clients.

Well-considered office space is a multi-faceted platform for your business. This gives opportunities to enhance company culture and inspire employee loyalty. It is a showpiece for your brand and your business savvy. Functionality and aesthetics are important. However, additional tools can round out your design so your office speaks for you before you ever say a word.


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