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What Millennials Look For In Workplace Design

What do millennials want in a workplace? Plenty.

The Millennial generation is no longer the pool of interns you used to boss around…many of them are now the bosses, and a significant number have launched successful start-ups. They are the current talent pool, and when it comes to workplace design, their tastes are different from previous generations.

Millennials are looking for companies and employers who take a conscientious approach to smart office layout and design: from modern office furniture to ergonomic conference chairs to integrated tech and quiet spaces. Here are some ideas on how you can improve your current workplace design for your largest group of employees and position them for success in the office.

A Bold, Leadership-Inspired Layout

Millennials seek out forward-thinking companies to work for and the layout/décor has to show that attitude. They tend to prefer open floor plans that challenge strict organizational hierarchies and promote transparency. Modular workstations and chairs are an easy way to fulfill this. Ditch the cubes and provide mobility, which also works for work flex programs and freelance or contract employees.

Break-Out Rooms and Touchdown Spaces

Millennials like break-out areas as opposed to conference rooms and meeting rooms, which don’t give off the flexibility they thrive in. These areas along with touchdown spaces such as mini-conference tables in each department also foster spontaneous conversations that can develop into inspiration. Furnishing these areas with comfortable seating, customizable spaces, and technology ports (or the tech itself) gives rise to creativity happening at any time or anywhere in the office.

Warm, Positive Environments

Gone are the days of cold sterility. An office’s warm, inviting environment is more attractive to people who face hours every day in the same spaces. Sure, those starkly designed minimalist rooms look cool. However, they also look lonely, which won’t do for a generation used to a constant stream of input and stimuli. Opt for natural light where possible, strategic lighting for desks and quiet spaces, and cozy spaces with warm colors. Positive hues such as yellows, oranges, bright blues, and greens are welcome as accents on walls, cubicles, lockers, and filing systems, or in break rooms.

Go through your commercial office space and take notes where the space could be improved or upgraded. If you give Millennials a great workplace, they’ll create great work in return.


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