Activity Based Working

Why Your Office Needs Touchdown Spaces

<alt="blue and green lounge sofas"/>In today’s office environments, different tasks and responsibilities require different workspaces. For some employees, they may need a calm place to focus, and for others, collaboration might be needed. Some team members may prefer to work in an employee lounge, while others still enjoy the privacy of a workstation or modern cubicle.

Companies realize that assigned spaces remain unused for 30% to 50 percent of the workday, as new technologies and innovative office designs are giving coworkers the freedom to work wherever it suits them best, based on their unique needs. Today’s workforce is results-driven and dynamic, and it isn’t chained to a desk for 50-plus hours a week. So, traditional offices are slowly giving way to newer Activity Based Working (ABW) models, such as touchdown spaces.

A touchdown space is typically a laptop centric, informal setting such as a private concentration room, lounge, presentation room, or a collaborative area. They use modular workstations with fast Internet access for specific tasks which are shared between coworkers and management. Employees can use a touchdown space to quickly respond to an email, a call, or a text message and then move to other areas to complete tasks and projects.

<alt="Activity Based Working"/>The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) for example, recently implemented the ABW model in their Sydney office. The majority of their staff was issued 11-inch Macbook Air and Dell laptops, while their 56,000-square-meter office space has docking stations and lockers, instead of desks and workstations. Their touchdown spaces have beautiful lounge furniture — where coworkers can get work done, chat with their colleagues, or relax while enjoying a latte — as well as collaborative workspaces where private meetings can be conducted.

CBA’s chief financial officer, David Craig, said the bank expects the bulk of its real estate savings to come from the flexible layout which can accommodate multiple tasks without requiring hardware to be moved about.

Turn Your Office into a Productivity Powerhouse

<alt="Privacy Cocoon"/>At the heart of activity based working is the question: “How can I help my coworkers best perform their tasks?” If your team members think working in an open space with lounge sofas will help them work faster and better, then by all means, create one.

Or maybe your coworkers need a place to take a private call or get privacy during the workday? Try adding acoustic office furniture around your office so that they can get some peace and quiet without being disturbed or disturbing others.

While collaboration is crucial, people need privacy too so that they can concentrate on their individual work. You can create private spaces with ergonomic task chairs and adjustable work tables.

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