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Why Your Office Needs Touchdown Spaces

lounge area with touchdown spaces

Updated Feb. 2022

In today’s hybrid workplace, the needs of employees are constantly changing as workers shift between home and the office. When employees choose to spend the day in the office, some are seeking peace, quiet and focused workspaces. Others are hoping to find in-person collaboration and community. Still, others are hoping to find space for one-on-one or small group meetings.  No matter what employees are looking for, creating touchdown spaces for them to call home is an essential piece of the hybrid work puzzle.

collaborative lounge area and comfortable hybrid workspace for modern office design

A touchdown space is typically a laptop-centric, informal setting such as a private concentration room, lounge, presentation room, or collaborative area. They use modular workstations with fast Internet access for specific tasks which are shared between coworkers and management. Employees can use touchdown spaces to quickly respond to an email, a call, or a text message and then move to other areas to complete tasks and projects.

Working Spaces in the Hybrid Office

In the hybrid office, companies understand that assigned spaces remain unused for 30 to 50 percent of the workday. New technologies and innovative office designs are giving coworkers the freedom to work wherever it suits them best, based on their unique needs. Today’s workplace is flexible and dynamic, and workers aren’t expected to be in the office 5 days a week. To meet the employee’s needs, traditional offices are slowly giving way to hybrid working models, such as touchdown spaces.

How can I help my employees best perform their tasks no matter where they are working from?

For example, Microsoft is one of the large companies that have recently opted to continue with a hybrid working model post-pandemic. They discovered the many benefits to employees and decided to continue. They allow employees to work from home up to half the time, and even more if their managers approve. According to Microsoft, they have been prioritizing their people. This new way of working is helping their entire company be more productive and their employees are happier too!

Add Touchdown Spaces and Turn Your Office into a Productivity Powerhouse

acoustic touchdown spaces for focused work with no disctraction and a layout that includes a biophilic design

At the heart of the hybrid working model is the question: “How can I help my employees best perform their tasks no matter where they are working from?” If your team members think working in an open space with lounge sofas will help them work faster and better, then, by all means, create one.

Or maybe your coworkers need a place to take a private call or get privacy during the workday? Try adding acoustic office furniture around your office so that they can get some peace and quiet without being disturbed or disturbing others.

While collaboration is crucial, people need privacy too so that they can concentrate on their individual work. You can create private spaces with ergonomic task chairs and adjustable work tables. The right touchdown spaces can ensure that your hybrid and remote workers feel right at home, even when they are not.

StrongProject can help you integrate touchdown spaces into your hybrid office layout.

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