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Making Room For BYOD In The Corporate Office

Collaborative furnitureIf your company prides itself on keeping up with the latest technology trends in the workplace, you’re likely already very familiar with the term “BYOD,” or “Bring Your Own Device.”

It’s an IT trend that’s quickly gaining popularity all over the country because it offers more efficiency, flexibility and convenience for employees at work than traditional IT policies. In a nutshell, employees are permitted and encouraged to use their own personal devices at work rather than relying on proprietary office technology devices.

BYOD offers a number of benefits for your business: In addition to cutting costs of company-owned equipment, employees are often more productive on the personal devices of their choosing. It’s more convenient to carry one device with all of the information you need as opposed to keeping track of multiple corporate and personal devices, and it gives your company a better sense of flexibility that your employees will appreciate.


Here are a few pieces from the Strong Project collections that are perfect for fostering the convenience and flexibility BYOD can bring to your own office:

Collaboration furniture

Encourage an atmosphere of flexibility by setting up conference tables on the go. Employees will appreciate the opportunity to get away from the confines of a cubicle for a while, and they can even hold impromptu meetings to get projects through the pipeline quicker. Encourage these types of collaborations with BYOD technology-ready stations like the one seen here, and browse other open workstations for even more BYOD-ready ideas.

Acoustic furniture

Make it easy for employees to work privately or make phone calls by installing acoustic furniture. These unique, trendy pieces can be installed all over the office and help foster BYOD by lowering the volume of collaborative workstations where employees may be sharing a project on a personal device. Employees will also appreciate having quieter, more private corners to make phone calls from their personal mobile devices any time they need to.

Acoustic Furniture 4


Additionally, make sure your office is equipped with technology-ready modern conference tables. With data, HDMI and USB hookups, these BYOD office must-haves are perfect for fostering fast, convenient connectivity and collaboration.

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