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Over the Top: A Look at Top Office Designs Around the World

twitter-office-general-shot_20687Stuffy, single-colored workplace layouts (think all-white rooms with isolating cubicles and florescent lights) are a thing of the past. Today’s CEO realizes the substantial impact office designs can have on employee performance, visitor impression, and company success.

Are you searching for creative inspiration? Look to the sometimes-over-the-top, always-motivational office designs of industry leaders around the world.

Twitter: San Francisco, US

Last year, Twitter enlisted the services of multiple firms to create revolutionary office designs for its brand new San Francisco headquarters. The enormous building boasts 215,000 square feet of space and accommodates more than 1,000 local employees.

So how did the social media trailblazer (that’s still considered a start-up) live up to its reputation as a business trend-setter and efficiency leader?

With a yoga room and roof-top deck, of course!


Employees relieve stress through yoga exercises and roof-top sun soaking, and are even encouraged to use the deck for gardening.

For its layout and color schemes, Twitter went with a modern, minimalistic approach, meant to promote efficiency and foster employee feelings of wellbeing. The company used mostly blues and greys[link to:] (with pops of red) in simple, yet beautiful, furniture and décor designs.

The new headquarters also house a massive, gourmet cafeteria and wide open layouts, with absolutely no private offices. Conference rooms are right out in the open, surrounded only by glass, leading workers to collaborate as a team.

Swatch: Zurich, Switzerland

Where Twitter went minimalistic, Swatchused bright colors and abstract designs for its funky headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

Large pieces of yellow, black-outlined office art adorn the white walls. Light grey-ish brick half-walls are used to dictate where one space ends and another begins. Drawers and filing cabinets have off-center handles, and tables are all oddly shaped. Everything in the office has a geometric, yet slightly-off appearance. This lends a quirky, fun atmosphere to the work environment. Employees sit in yellow and white rolling chairs, which encourage mobility, communication, and flexibility.

Whether you’re building mega-office headquarters, or just looking to update your smaller workspace, you can mimic the features of office designs around the world to improve workplace efficiency and create an inspired atmosphere.

Feature photo of Swatch office by Peter Klick. Please visit to view his amazing portfolio.

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