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Building a Company Culture? Make Office Design a Priority

Currently, you’re most likely to hear the words “company culture” in terms of internal marketing and public relations, equaling it to the brand and overall experience. Company culture often gets overhauled by a few C-suite executives who decide what they want their company office experience to be. This leads to creating a long list of office design details that include fun things like slides and ping pong tables or human resource benefits such as company softball games and unlimited vacation hours. Things they think their employees want.

But company culture should be rooted in needs, not wants.

If you own a business with employees, you need to complete a fundamental check-in to make sure your company culture is meeting needs, which contribute to emotional well-being, productivity, and overall financial success.

Your company culture is comprised of five elements, including physical objects. Make sure your office suits your employees' needs. Contact StrongProject for more info.>> Your meeting space should be collaborative environment.

The Five Elements of Company Culture

There are five elements to examine when analyzing your company’s culture:

  • Equipment
  • Processes
  • Authority and Management
  • Communications
  • Experience

The experience element is the ultimate level of your company culture: the way an employee feels trust, motivation and engagement. You can’t directly tell your employee how to experience his or her place within the company and their daily work life, but you can influence that experience greatly at the other four elements, particularly at the “equipment” level.

The equipment element of company culture deals with all physical objects in your company. Yes, this means: your office and its tools.



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