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Want Top Talent? Design with the Millennial in Mind

Three millennials sitting together talking at work

We need to quit the Millennial-bashing, the hating, and the generational-dissing. The kids are more than alright; they are a vital part of the workforce.

More than one in three (35%) working Americans are millennials. What they want in office design, what inspires them to perform at the top of their game, are the things that make an entire company hum with excitement and productivity.

Furthermore, studies indicate the reasons for keeping Millennials satisfied are substantial:

Their desires add benefits to the office environment rather than detract from it. It’s just that we’re stuck in a mindset that they’re spoiled kids who don’t deserve anything more than they’ve already received. But, they’re not asking for high-speed roller coasters and vending machines that dispense trained puppies. What Millennials want are reasonable office features and amenities that benefit everyone.


Bright and colorful office space with collaboration furniture and occasional tables.

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